Amherstopoly – a great holiday gift!


Amherstopoly small-3 Layout Box CoverHere’s a great idea for a holiday gift – AMHERSTOPOLY! Buy an Amherstopoly 250th Anniversary Game – at the Wildwood online store for $20. This game was developed in conjunction with the PGOs of all the Amherst Elementary Schools, so all the schools including Fort River, Crocker Farm, ARMS, and ARHS are ‘properties’ on the game board.

Buy the game at the front office or our on-line store.  Either way, you can pick up the game at the front office or have your child bring it home.  We are not shipping games by mail at this point. Any questions?  Please email Sarah Marshall at

Math Meeting about the future of the High School Math Curriculum – Wed Dec 17, 2014


The below-listed meeting took place earlier in the week:
Wednesday (12/17) 6:30 – 7:45 ARHS Library

The purpose of this meeting is for parents/guardians to see potential math course sequences (Integrated or Traditional) and course names for grades 9 – 12. Parents/guardians will be asked to provide comments for the ARHS math department.

Parents interested in the math curriculum at the high school level: There will be a math meeting Wed Dec 17th re: new high school curriculum/course sequence, 6:30 at the High School Library.
It’s our understanding that it may be the only opportunity for parents to weigh in on a whole new pathway for ARHS math. The current program is being replaced.

Brief summary of current math curriculum: The current high school math curriculum has 2 main paths (Traditional and Integrated Math; this looks like Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 vs IMP 1, IMP 2, IMP 3). The plan for the new high school curriculum is to narrow it down to one path (Traditional or Integrated but not both) and pick a curriculum that will teach the common core standards, starting in 2015-2016 for 9th graders (meaning the current 8th graders will be the first to experience the new curriculum).

 ARHS Math Curriculum Review Intivation-2