Wishlists from previous years


Shannon Applegate, 2nd Grade

  • Broom & dustbin
  • Snack sized and sandwich sized zip-lock baggies
  • Extra band-Aids (that stick-on well).
  • a short, narrow, 2 or 3-shelf book case (under 30″ high, around 15″ wide)
  • 2-4 big pillows for kids to lean against a wall on
  • 1-2 $10 iTunes gift cards to purchase learning apps for classroom iPads
  • I always need books, early chapter/series books in particular:
    • Ivy and bean (update 11/10/16:  books 1-9 have been provided)
    • Jigsaw jones
    • Mr. Putter and Tabby
    • Pinky and Rex
    • Stink series
    • Judy Moody
    • Elephant and piggy
    • Nate the great
    • Fly guy
    • I wish we had a few picture atlases
    • I’d love the picture book, WAITING by Kevin Henkes


Julie Condron, Kindergarten
  • Legos
  • flour (for playdough)
  • cream of tartar (for playdough)
  • salt (for playdough)
  • kids paints
  • light table or light pad
  • colored sand
  • materials for the sensory table (dried beans, rice, dried pasta)


Liz  Elder, Grade 5 Classroom

  • Cleaning wipes
  • Wireless speaker
  • Ear buds or headphones to use with chromebooks

Maria Fabozzi, Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing

  • My name is Maria Fabozzi and I am the Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing for Amherst Public Schools. I see students in Pre-K through 12th grade in the District. The one item I’m in need of the most is a small bookshelf with two or three shelves (if it is wide that’s okay!). I can get you more specific measurements if that helps too.

Mangala Jagadeesh, Second Grade

  • petri dishes:  24 two-inch, and 6 six-inch.  (They can be used and clean; they don’t need to be sterile.)

Katie LaFond, grades 4, 5, & 6 Instrumental Band

  • Lesson Books: Essential Elements Interactive, Volume 1, for Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, and Percussion
  • Swabs: Clarinet and Alto Saxophone
  • Reeds: Rico size 2 1/2 for B Flat Clarinet and alto saxophone
  • Valve Oil
  • Cork grease
  • Flute cleaning rods
  • Drum sticks
  • Old instruments you’re no longer using that we can fix up and let a student borrow
  • Trumpet and Trombone mutes (practice mutes are our favorites)
  • metronomes
  • tuners
  • metal folding stands
  • tissues

Ritsuka Mastroianni, K/Teacher
  •  cream of tartar (for playdough making)
  •  flour (for playdough making)
  • salt (for playdough making)
  • newborn or premie baby clothes or baby doll clothes
  • leaves collected in your yard to be brought next to the black composting bin by the back parking lot
  • Kindergartener size garden gloves
  • small shovel/trowel for gardening
  • outgrown K size pants
  • outgrown or new K size socks
  • outgrown K size winter boots
  • outgrown K size winter snowpants
  • outgrown K size mittens
  • dollar store baby socks
Victoria Munroe, First Grade Teacher
  • Keva blocks
  • Snap Circuits
  • Ink cartridges for a canon pixma mg5300 (226)
  • Hokki stools (15 inch) any color
  • Mini-fridge

Ashley Nkosi, SLP for all grades

  • I would greatly appreciate any used board games that people could pass along

Jennifer Reese, 5th Grade

  • For 5th grade science we are in need of 2 working table lamps with removable shades. These will be used in our study of the Sun-Earth-Moon system.

Carolina Rothkegel, SE Teacher

  1. Fisher-Price Slim doodle pro (for students to practice letter writing)
  2. Sky Tree: Seeing Science Through Art. Thomas Locker (paperback)
  3. Mole Music – David McPhail (paperback)
  4. The Tree Book for Kids and Their Grown-ups – Gina Ingoglia (hardcover)
  5. Tell Me, Tree: All About Trees for Kids – Gail Gibbons (hardcover)
  6. Trees, Leaves and Bark – Diane Burns (hardcover)
  7. Planting the Trees of Kenya: The Story of Wangai Moathai – Claire A. Nivola (hardcover)

Susan Wells, Librarian

The WW library amazon wishlist can be seen on this link (http://a.co/8xp9K1C)

G. Woods and grade 4 team

1. Jump ropes
2. Heavy duty and long in length double Dutch ropes
3. Those cloth flying saucers that kids throw and catch.
4. Some transportable cases that include things like Jack’s, marbles, unos cards, dot to dot art books
5. Tennis balls
6. Nero football
7.4 square ball
8. Kick ball
9. Orange cones
10. Chess/checkers set that can be used outside
11. Lemon twists  ( would really like these)
12. Hula hoops

2015-2016 Wishlist

Dear Wildwood Community:  Let’s Support Our Teachers!

I’m Jasper, volunteering with the Parent Guardian Organization (PGO), and each year, we ask the teachers to let us know what they could use in their classrooms.  This web page is a way we can find out what they need, and help them not have to spend their own money.

Please consider donating any of the items below, or check with your Classroom Parent and/or teacher if there may be other ways you could help.

Note to teachers:  To make additions / changes, feel free to email me at wildwood.wishlist@gmail.com or 503-890-3200.

Wishlists from previous years can be seen here.

(Teacher / Staff listed below in alphabetical order)

Lisa Audette, Speech Language Pathologist

  • Tissues
  • Anti-bacterial wipes
  • 2 copies of A Porcupine Named Fluffy by Helen Lester
  • 2 copies / 1 copy of Pookins Get Her Way by Helen Lester
  • 2 copies of Doctor DeSoto by William Steig

Sarah Bing-Owen, 5th Grade

  • I’d really like a few easy houseplants to make it more warm and inviting!
  • 3-4 plastic baskets or bins to hold books on the bookshelf.  Both 7×10 inch base and larger (9×12?) are useful.

Keith Burgoyne, 5th Grade

  • Healthy snacks (wheat thins, pretzels, cheese-its, goldfish
  • Anti-bacterial wipes
  • Pencil Sharpener (Powerful, quiet, and sturdy, please! Students have worn out all of my electric and crank-style sharpeners!) 

Grethe Camp, K through 6 Special Education

  • 25-50 piece puzzles (we have US-state puzzles)
  • Lego (if possible building sets with directions)
  • small match box cars
  • Table top games such as connect four, and other board games.

Sally Crawford, WW school adjustment counselor

  • UNO Spin
  • Guess Who?, and Shut the Box (games)
  • Kid sized tennis rackets
  • Also need fairly sturdy dollhouse size high chair, crib, playpen.

Georgia in front office:

  • Snacks.  Snacks.  Snacks.  (For kids / classes where kids need more.)  But talk to her first.  She & Joyce have some, and the snack system may be changing.
  • Kleenex

Lori Guerra, Kindergarten

  • playdough, playdough accessory tools
  • electric pencil sharpener
  • stencils
  • Ogo Bild Bits (bendy twisty building toy)
  • Extra winter clothes (hats, gloves, mittens, snow pants, boots)
  • plastic dinosaurs
  • small cars and trucks
  • 18″ (roughly) multicultural baby dolls (2)

Katie LaFond, Wind Instrumental Music, Grades 4-6

Amazon.com and Gerry’s Music Shop (534-7402) are a great place to get these:

  • Clarinet Cork Grease
  • Trumpet Valve oil
  • Slide cream (for trombones)
  • Clarinet reeds, size 2 1/2
  • Alto saxophone reeds, size 2 1/2
  • Essential Elements for Band, Book 1 (five of each for students who are unable to purchase their own) (about $9 each)
  • Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion
  • Tissues
  • Roche Thomas “Sanimist” sanitizing spray for mouthpieces
  • Donations of old / unused student instruments are always welcome

Ritsuka Mastroianni, Kindergarten

  • real silverware folks (not plastic) Kindergarten size preferred..doesn’t have to be new or matching
  • food color
  • cream of tartar
  • snack size ziplock bags
  • sand timer
  • K-size garden gloves
  • Board Games (used welcome as long as all pieces intact): Chinese Checkers, Guess Who?, I Spy Memory Game, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Uno, Blokus, Connect Four, Mastermind for Kids, Yahtzee, Jr., Battleship
  • Someone to move the black composters over by the K raised beds

Victoria Munroe, 1st Grade

  • ink sets for my Canon M65300 series printer
  • white card stock 8.5 x 11″ ream
  • ukeleles


Heather O’Mara (Instrumental Music, Grades 3 – 6)

  • Rubber bands
  • Violin Foam Shoulder-rests (10-20), 1/2 and 3/4 sizes ($3.00 at Stamell Strings)
  • Sound Innovations for String Orchestra
    • Book 1 Violin, Viola, Cello (all $9.00 at Stamell Strings)
    • Ten of each for students who cannot afford to purchase their own.
  • Donations of old / unused student instruments are always welcome

Mario Perez, 4th Grade

    • 3/16/2016
      • Tissues
      • Dry-erase markers of all colors
      • Pencils (already sharpened if possible)
      • Hand sanitizer
      • Electric pencil sharpener
    • 2015
      • 4th grade realistic fiction books
      • Subscription to StoryWorks
      • Multicolor pens, Sharpee markers, pencils
      • Multicolor eraser heads and pencils.
      • A color printer (used of course).
      • A digital camera.
      • Poster of multi-ethnic World leaders.

Lisa Poirier, K-2

  • 2 sets of scissors for K-2.  School Smart kid’s scissors Item # 9-086336-338  5 in blunt tip pack of 12 sale price 11.99 (a total of 23.98 and free shipping using the promo code 081338. Details at: Childcraft.com or Phone: 1-800-631-5652.
  • potting soil
  • seeds
  • glue sticks
  • markers
  • flour
  • salt
  • crayons
  • staplers
  • tissues
  • puzzles (24-100 piece)

Julie Rivera, Art

      • old towels
      • wood pieces (small, no splinters, for small sculptures)
      • art calendars or art books
      • cd player
      • volunteers to help with special projects or with classes

Kristen Roeder, 6th Grade

      • new pencil sharpener!! Electric or the metal turn the handle type.
      • Tissues
      • felt
      • dry erase markers

Gina Simm, 1st Grade

      • all colors of highlighters
      • feather duster
      • yellow beach pail

Soleil L. Sonoda, Special Education Teacher

      • new whiteboard easel, or a large whiteboard we could somehow hang up.
      • dry erase markers (multi colors)
      • pencils
      • two pocket plastic folders with a clear overlay

Ted Soulos, Reading/Math Intervention teacher

I would love to have

  • 2 sets of the game Rush Hour and
  • 1 of Laser Maze.
  • They’re both made by http://thinkfun.com/.  Click on games, and it will show the games, awards they’ve won…etc.

Elaine Stinson, 4th Grade

      • post-it stickers, 1×1 and 3×3
      • fine-tip black sharpies (10)
      • an electric pencil sharpener.  (I’ve purchased 3 over the last few years (all broke) and my colleagues have one they believe is the real deal:  Staples Model #21834.  A tad on the expensive side, but has held up.

Mr. T aka Trevor Takayama, Technology Teacher

      •  Building Materials (new or used):
        • LEGO’s
        • K’nex
        • Goldiblocs
        • any other building sets

Betsy Todd, Teacher Intensive Learning and Universal Design for Learning

      • boxes of tissues
      • packages of paper napkins and paper plates
      • thin dry erase markers
      • boxes of flash cards: colors, shapes, numerals, animals, common objects and any combination of those
      • simple counting games and materials: Connect 4, dominoes, etc.
      • good quality used magazines that have photographs of people doing different activities and a variety of places and/or objects
      • any good/used early level reading books that have good pictures: about plants/plant parts/plant cycle, animals and their habitats, categories of animals, energy, places around the world.
      • alphabet puzzles and alphabet games
      • soccer ball and small goal, badminton rackets, birdies
      • balloons, bubbles and bubble machine

Susan Wells, Librarian

    • Tissues
    • OLD iPOD/ANDROID/iPHONE for our NEW audio book program. They must be iPOD/iPHONE running OS 7 or higher or an ANDROID device running 4.2 or higher.

2014-2015 Wishlist

Hi from Jasper Lieber, the 2014 wishlist coordinator.  Please know that the PGO would love for teachers to be well supported by the Wildwood Community, and this page is one way we hope to help.

Note to teachers:  To make additions / changes, feel free to email me at wildwood.wishlist@gmail.com or 503-890-3200.

Note to parents:  consider donating any of the listed items, or check with your Classroom Parent and/or teacher if there may be other ways you could help.

(Teacher / Staff listed below in alphabetical order)

Ms Bing-Owen
– A few class plants that will not require too much attention.
– A heavy-duty, quiet electric pencil sharpener (a bigger-ticket item; probably in the $50 range)
– Ticonderoga #2 pencils
– Pencil cap erasers

Keith Burgoyne, E-4, Grade 5
– Healthy snacks
– Antibacterial wipes
– Tissues
– Any appropriate 3rd-7th grade novels for classroom library

Ms. Elder, Grade 5
– Really good electric pencil sharpener
– Ticonderoga #2 pencils
– napkins
– hot chocolate
– marshmallows

Joyce Gooden, Administrative Secretary
Staff lounge:  1 or 2 microwaves (we are down to 1 right now)
– Office:  Paper goods (plates, utensils, cups, napkins).

Ricci Mastroianni, Kindergarten
– girls’ underwear
– 5-6 year old size leggings/sweatpants (gently used)
– Dish towels and kitchen hand towels.
– small forks (not plastic….the actual silverware…if people can keep an eye out during tag sale or at Salvation Army places, that would be great)
– gallon size and snack size ziplock bags
– Magna Tiles are expensive but if anyone has children who have outgrown them, I’m always looking to add to the collection.
– I also would love to add the new kinetic sand to the list.

Victoria Munroe, 1st grade
– Hokki stools 15 inch, green
– ink for cannon printer MG5300
– book shelf, about 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide
– white oak tag, letter size

Heather O’Mara – Instrumental Music
– Xeros or Slipstop Cello Endpin Anchors
– Foam shoulder rests for violin/viola, every size
– Everest or KUN violin/viola shoulder rests, every size, gently used
– Folders with pockets
– Pencils
– Violin Fingering Tape (any color)
– Corn Cushions, 8-10 packs (for teaching correct bow hand position)

Mario Perez, 4th grade
1.  Chapter books levels N – U for 4th grade.  These may be researched in Scholastics.com website.  These do not have be new, donations from home are always welcome.
2. Electric stapler.
3. Kindle e-books.  These are great for reading aloud and showing on pc connected to projector
4. 10 2″ binders.
5. Humidifier for classroom.  My students are getting chopped lips because it is so dry in our classroom.
6. Disinfecting wipes.
7. BBC and National Geographic Nature DVD’s
8. Textbooks about US Regions

Julie Rivera, Art Studio
– Art Reproductions
– Clean wood scraps for sculpture
– CD’s of calm music
– Oatmeal containers
– Film canisters
– Small objects for “found sculptures”
– Plastic egg containers (not paper ones)

Kristen Roeder, 6th grade
– tissues (presently most needed)
– pencils
– gluesticks
– paper clips
– scotch tape
– masking tape
– dry erase markers

Gina Simm, Grade 1
– Up to 5 checkerboards
– Foam dice (small), at least 20 pair
– Burt’s Bees hand sanitizer (lots)
– Baby food jars – 10
– Ribbon of any kind, including used


Ricci Mastroianni, Kindergarten
– Packs of Kindergarten size socks, girls & boys underwear
– Boxes of tissues and sponges
– Connect Four / Checkers / Othello (used is great as long as it has all the pieces)
– Someone to sand and re-paint two low (but long) shelving units (during the summer months)

Lisa Poirier, kindergarten
– Buttons
– Pipe cleaners
– Staplers
– Tape
– Plastic jars
– 25-100 piece puzzles
– Crayons
– Markers
– Pencils
– Paper
– Glue sticks
– Legos
– Children’s books
– Coloring books

Victoria Munroe, Grade 1
Find on Amazon:
– Belkin Rockstar Multi Headphone Splitter (White) White
– 3 Kidz Gear Wired Headphones For Kids – Orange
– ink cartridges for a Canon PIXMA iP5300 printer

Gina Simms, Grade 1
– small spray bottle
– highlighters
– facial tissues
– ziplock snack bags
– ziplock gallon size bags
– hand sanitizer (from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods)
– small stuffed giraffes
– Ed Emberley book

Julie Condron, Grade 2
– Class set (18) of magnetic tiles grade 2: see here
– 18 small magnetic baking trays

Garnet Smith, Grade 4
– #2 Ticonderoga pencils

Gioia Woods, Grade 4
–  Colored copy paper
– Large binder clips
– Sharpened Ticonderoga pencils
–  expo markers for the white board
–  white/colored cardstock

Sarah Bing-Owen, Grade 5
– easy houseplant for the classroom

Keith Burgoyne, Grade 5
– 3X3 Post-it note pads
– Antibacterial wipes
– Pencils
– Eraser caps
– Expo fine tip dry erase markers
– Healthy snacks

Liz Elder, Grade 5
– Tissues
– Post-it notes
– Mancala pieces (those little glass pieces @ Michaels)

Chris Eggemeier, Grade 6
– Scotch tape
– Dry erase markers
– Books for the classroom library: SixthGrade-BookWishList-2013

Kristen Roeder, Grade 6
– Tissues
– Dry erase markers
– Pencils

Elizabeth O’Brien, Physical Education
– 4 simple access pedometers
– gift certificate to Radio Shack for other needed technology

Christa Smith, Speech Therapist, Intensive Needs Program
– large bean bags
– plastic storage bins, around the size of a clipboard or so
– a large Barbie head or a doll with long hair and accessories

Heather O’Mara, Grades 4-6 Instrumental Music
– Cello Rock-stops or endpin stoppers
– Violin/Viola sponges or shoulder rests
– Rosin
– Any violins, violas, cellos, or basses that are no longer being used and can be donated to the music department.


1st Grade
Susie Secco
  • gift wrapping ribbon – several rolls, any color
  • sandwich size ziplock bags
  • 1-2 staplers – I love the kind that are really easy to push – got some at Staples
3st Grade
Kevin Rasmussen
  • Avery 5160  (1″ X 2 5/8″)
  • Stopwatches (10)
  • T-Pins
  • Third Grade Books (Levels L to P)
Aesthetic Teachers
Julie Rivera, Art
  • simple cameras that our kids could use in art
  • an IPOD and dock for music in studio
  • tissues
  • art books and calendars with art reproductions
Intensive Learning Center
Betsy Todd
  • cd player
  • girls clothes size 4-10 especially pants, socks, underwear
  • arm chair that fits 10-12 year old students
  • large bean bag
  • musical/light up toys
  • kids games like Boggle Junior
  • sets of toy figures—family, farm, etc.

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