Summer Reading!

Dear Wildwood Families:

MCBA / Local Reader Selection Mash-Up!

Summer is upon us and this week and next your student should come home with the attached handouts about summer reading:

1. A summer reading bingo challenge and directions on how to download the  FREE Axis 360 app that will allow you to borrow to over 6,000 ebooks and audiobooks for FREE!

2. A summer reading list for younger and older readers!  A list so that you and your student can read some of our favorite and popular titles in the Wildwood Library – student and librarian recommendations on the list (i.e. kid approved)!

3. If your student will be a 4th, 5th or 6th grader next year I have attached the MCBA Mashup list – an excellent list created by area librarians of 25 titles guaranteed to please upper elementary students!

Electronic copies of all these handouts are available at our Wildwood Library > summer reading  or at this direct link

ALL books are due back in the library!  Please make sure your students have returned their books so they can enter the book raffle to win some summer reading books!  The raffle winners will be announcedTuesday!

Happy Reading!

Susan Wells
Wildwood Librarian

Estimadas familias: Wildwood

El verano está sobre nosotros y esta semana y la próxima a su estudiante debe volver a casa con los folletos adjuntos sobre la lectura de verano:

1. Una lectura desafío de bingo verano y las instrucciones sobre cómo descargar la aplicación gratuita 360 Eje que le permitirá pedir prestado a más de 6.000 libros electrónicos y audiolibros GRATIS!


2. Una lista de lectura de verano para los lectores más jóvenes y mayores! Una lista para que usted y su estudiante puede leer algunos de nuestros títulos favoritos y populares en la Biblioteca Wildwood – estudiante y recomendaciones bibliotecario en la lista (es decir niño aprobado)!

3. Si el estudiante será un 4º, 5º o 6º grado el próximo año He adjuntado la lista MCBA Mashup – una excelente lista creada por los bibliotecarios de la zona de 25 títulos que garantizan la satisfacción de estudiantes superiores de primaria!

Las copias electrónicas de todos estos folletos están disponibles en nuestro sitio Web Biblioteca Wildwood: > lectura de verano o en este enlace directo:

Todos los libros se deben volver en la biblioteca! Por favor asegúrese de que sus estudiantes han regresado sus libros para que puedan participar en el sorteo de libros para ganar algunos libros de lectura de verano! Los ganadores del sorteo serán announcedTuesday!

¡Feliz lectura!
Susan Wells
Wildwood bibliotecario

Town Meeting schools report: TM appropriates extra funds to support school library paraprofessionals

Report on Town Meeting consideration of school budgets

The Town Meeting began debate tonight (Wed., May 4) on the elementary school budget. At the end of the evening, Town Meeting approved the Elementary School budget, and by a substantial majority appropriated an additional $30,000 to support the three full-time paraprofessionals in the elementary school libraries.

The three library paraprofessional positions had been cut entirely from the proposed budget earlier this year. Numerous parents, teachers, and community members came out in force this spring to express their support for the school libraries and the library paraprofessionals. After that, the positions were restored to 60%, although not fully restored.

At tonight’s meeting, Town Meeting member Nicola Usher introduced an article to add $30,000 to fully restore funding for the three library paraprofessionals. Numerous members, and two guests (Wildwood school librarian Susan Wells and a 9-year-old member of our community) spoke to the importance of the school libraries and the paraprofessionals in particular. Notably, not one member of the community spoke against the library paraprofessionals — a remarkable show of support from our Town.

After considerable discussion about other particulars about the elementary school budget, the budget was passed, with the additional $30,000 appropriation. IMPORTANT NOTE: The School Committee is not required to allocate the $30,000 to those positions — it was given the money in the budget, but can spend it in any way it chooses. However, Town Meeting member Vince O’Connor noted that over decades, no committee given such an additional allocation has elected to re-purpose the funds.

The advocacy of Wildwood’s librarian Susan Wells was critical in this effort, as is the strong support of our community for the mission of school libraries.

Next Monday, May 9, at 7 pm, the Town Meeting will take up the rest of the school budget requests.

— report by Laura Quilter, Wildwood parent & Town Meeting member

More information:

Fun, Podcasts, & RESEARCH in the WW Library! (Valley Gives)

Fun, Podcasts, and RESEARCH in the WW Library!
Check out what we’ve been up to in this Spring:

Wildwood Library Book Donor Program PDF

With Valley Gives Day coming up on May 3rd please consider donating a book to the WW Library!
Commemorate your student’s time here at Wildwood school and help grow our school library!
Please consider donating a book to honor your student or a special staff member.
Click here for the donation form!

library staffing cut update – Some good news

Dear Wildwood Families;
Thank you for all your actions over the past month to help retain the library paraprofessionals in the FY 2017 budget.  Your many letters of support and physical presence at the school committee meeting made me feel incredibly supported by the families of the Wildwood community.  Your voices were clearly heard.  Although it has not been made public on the ARPS website I feel comfortable, after communicating with both Nick Yaffe and Maria Geryk, to report that the library paraprofessional position has been restored to 60% time for next year. Although only having Jennifer in the library 3 days a week will limit some of things I am currently during with students, I am committed to continuing to teach all grade levels (i.e. 5th and 6th).

I am deeply indebted to this community for your support and grateful for your willingness to raise your voice in support of our school’s library program. Thank you.  The school committee meets again on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016.  I believe they will vote on the revised budget cuts.  For more information (I hope the central office will publish updated budget documents here):
Susan Wells
Librarian, Wildwood Elementary

Summer Read-a-Thon, BookMobile, & Wildwood School Library Update

Check out news about the summer book mobile, and about Wildwood’s summer read-a-thon, at Wildwood’s new School Library blog  ).

If you need a Read-a-Thon sheet, print a new one out here:

Welcome to the Wildwood School Library page! We are excited to start the new school year!  Have you been counting your reading meeting this summer?

We are trying to achieve the MILLION MINUTES CHALLENGE as a school community.
Here’s what you do:
1. Talk with your family, ESTIMATE the number of minutes each family member reads EACH DAY and add those numbers.
2. Multiple the total number of minutes by 70 (days of summer)
AND you have a total!
Here’s an example:
There are 4 people in my family and we estimated that we each read for 30 minutes a day. (30+30+30+30 OR 30 x 4) = 120 minutes each day.
Now we multiply 120 x 70 days of summer and we have 8,400 minutes from my family!  A MILLION will be a BREEZE TO ACHIEVE!

Use the link below to fill-out the READ-A-THON recording sheet OR just bring in your number of minutes to Susan Wells in the LIBRARY!

Our last day of Book Mobile at North Village was Tuesday 8/18 and the last day at Village Park was Thursday 8/20.