Book Joy on a Snowy Day

Hello all,
We thought you would enjoy some joyful notes about library bag distribution this week. Nick Yaffe enjoyed dropping books at the Boulders on Thursday, while uptown, Susan Wells merrily dropped off at Village Park and Olympia Oaks. Wildwood parent Toni Cunningham did another write up of our project, and our nomination of Susan Wells for Librarian of the Year, in the Amherst Indy

Finally, note the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid books! A Wildwood family who saw author Jeff Kinney at the Eric Carle last month (and won his contest) sent along an article about our library project, including the lack of Wimpy Kid books to meet the demand. So, he sent along a new set. Thanks, Jeff! Of course these will all be checked out immediately in January.

Do you work at UMass? Want an easy way to give to the Amherst schools?

An easy way for UMass employees to donate schools is by giving through UMACC to the ARPS PGO.  The Amherst Regional Public Schools PGO (ARPS PGO), is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization consisting of the PGOs for Crocker Farm, Wildwood, the Amherst Middle School, & the Amherst High School. The APRS PGO’s UMACC number is 15250.

UMass employees can signup with their UMass NetID at

Please consider giving to the ARPS PGO. Every donation to the PGOs makes a big difference. The ARPS PGO appreciates all donations and donors, even those who aren’t able to give, or give as much, in tough years such as this one. Thank you. 

Florence bank community choice grants – voting ends Dec 31st

Vote for us in the Florence Bank Community Choice Grant program. Each Florence Bank account holder gets one vote, and the voting runs from January 1st to December 31st each year. If you haven’t voted this calendar year, please do! The bank donates $100,000 to local schools and non profits, and we only need 50 votes to qualify for a grant. Please vote for the Amherst Regional Public Schools Parent Guardian Organization (ARPS PGO), which includes the PGOs for Crocker Farm, Wildwood, Amherst Regional Middle School and Amherst Regional High School.

Thank you!

Vote por nosotros en el programa Florence Grant Community Choice Grant. Cada el titular de la cuenta de Florence Bank obtiene un voto, y la votación se extiende desde del 1 de enero al 31 de diciembre de cada año. Si no has votado esto año calendario, por favor hazlo! El banco dona $ 100,000 a escuelas locales y sin fines de lucro, y solo necesitamos 50 votos para calificar. Por favor vote por la Organización de Guardianes de Padres de las Escuelas Públicas Regionales de Amherst (ARPS 
PGO), que incluye los PGO para Crocker Farm, Wildwood, Amherst Escuela secundaria regional y Escuela secundaria regional Amherst. beneficios según objetivos 


Consider donating gift cards to help families in need.

Consider donating gift cards to help families in need.

Take The Pledge & Gift a Gift Card. 
Consider donating gift cards to help families in need.Support local businesses and help families all at the same time! See details below.

Everyone could use some extra help at this time of the year.  A warm take-out meal can make a huge difference after a long day of work, especially as families prepare for the holidays.  A gift card to a local store can help families who may be struggling financially find gifts for their loved ones. Learn how you can support both local businesses and the community.   Please see the message below from the Amherst Business Improvement District (BID):

If you are helping support business downtown and entering to win $100 to $500 (drawing is after December 31st) why not also help families in need right now? If you buy a gift card to a local business and send it to us, we will get it to The Family Outreach of Amherst and the Amherst Survival Center. You’ll still get to count it on your Pledge Card and help a family in need right now!  Take the Pledge cards can be found in businesses downtown, on our website and in the Amherst Bulletin!

Staying Warm

Coats at the Coat Swap

Many thanks to all the PGO volunteers from all the Amherst regional schools for their donations of coats and money, and donations of time, in putting on this year’s Coat Swap.  At least 80 families have been served so far.

“We will read books together inside the blanket and stay warm. And keep writing poetry in our respective journals. Time will fly but we will still remain inside the blanket forever.”

-Avijeet Das

Teacher’s Wish Lists

Teacher’s Wish Lists is a classic PGO program that we are reviving to help teachers get what they need. The goal is to engage the class families in helping teachers get the resources and materials they need for remote learning. 

Here’s how it should work. Class parents sent a note to your classroom teachers, and they will let you know what your teacher needs (supplies, resources, recycled materials, and much more). For non-classroom teachers, the list will be circulated here through the Blog. From these lists, parents can buy stuff OR (most importantly) realize that they have that lying around their houses and decide to donate it or lend it to the school.

And here are the wish lists so far! If you would like to donate any of these items, contact your class parent, or Kristen DeAngelis, the PGO Class Parent Coordinator ( You can consult the directory or your teacher if you don’t know who your class parent is. And THANK YOU to the Class Parents—every classroom now has a Class Parent!

Teacher Wish Lists:

Ricci Mastroianni, Kindergarten: 17 tea candles, a bag of bird seed, 17 pint-sized mason jars, X-bet Magnetic sheets with adhesive backing, sand

A reminder from Ms. Wells AND a reminder that SHE ROCKS

Ms. Wells posted this NEW VIDEO CLIP on her YouTube channel, reminding students to put their books on hold for next week’s backpack distribution!

This past Monday,  Wildwood PGO, under the leadership of Laura Muller, completed the submission of our nomination of Ms. Wells for Scholastic Librarian of the Year! Thank you to all the students, parents, staff, and guardians who submitted photos, stories, video, and more to help tell the powers that be at Scholastic that Ms. Wells rocks!  It was truly inspiring. 

Wildwood school directories are here

Hello, parents and guardians, we are pleased to announce that the 2020 – 2021 Wildwood school directories are ready for distribution.   We’ll be using the library backpacks to distribute the directories, and work to limit them to just one per family. If your child is not getting a backpack this coming week – beginning Monday 12.14 – then feel free to come by Wildwood during backpack pickup on Wednesday 12.16 and Thursday 12.17, between 3:30PM and 5:00PM to get a directory.

However, we realize that some families or guardians MAY need more than one if a child spends time in two places, etc.   If that is your situation, please send an email to Christine Lindstrom ( to arrange for receiving a second directory.
We ask that you do not share the lists contained in the directory with anyone outside of Wildwood, to protect everyone’s privacy.


Massachusetts Athletics – Upcoming Schedule (Dec 10 – Dec 13) – How to Watch & Listen

Due to COVID-19, all schedules (opponent, location, streaming information etc.) are subject to change.

For the most up to date schedule information, please visit and follow us on Twitter @UMassAthletics for live updates. The health and safety of our student-athletes will always be our top priority.

ThursdayDecember 10

Women’s Basketball at New Hampshire

6 PM | ESPN+


FridayDecember 11

Men’s Basketball vs Northeastern

1:30 PM | NESN

Watch (NESN)

Watch (ESPN+)


SundayDecember 13

Men’s Basketball at Northeastern

12 PM | NESN

Watch (NESN)

Watch (ESPN+)


SundayDecember 13

Women’s Basketball vs St. John’s


Watch (NESN)

Watch (ESPN+)

PGO Fundraiser Busts Through The Goal

Many thanks to all the parents & guardians who donated during the recent Giving Tuesday/Brown Envelope fundraiser.   Our goal was $5,000 and we busted right through it, raising $6,334.03 as of Thursday, 12.3.20.  If you did not get a chance to donate, you still can! Visit to donate online.
The PGO aims to support teaching and learning, as well as community, at Wildwood Elementary School.  This year has presented many challenges in achieving this mission, and having enough money to do what needs to be done is paramount.  In particular, we will continue our investment in Mrs. Wells mobile library project, and continue to offer mini-grant funding and discretionary funding to all our classroom based, and non-classroom based, teachers this year.    Look for more blog posts on how the PGO spends it money, including some of the great projects we’ve funded for the teachers.
Separately, one tool we use to build community, the Wildwood School Directory, is headed your way soon.  Check your child’s library backpack, going out in the next 10 days or so, for your copy!

Photos to nominate Mrs. Wells as librarian of the year

Hello Wildwood parents and guardians,
ICYMI,  the Wildwood PGO is nominating Mrs. Wells for the Scholastic Librarian of the Year award.  Not only has her mobile library project brought joy and books to our students this year, but her authors visits, maker space events and field trips from previous years have as well.  Together, we collected 39 stories about Mrs. Wells from parents and students. 

Now, we need photos!  Do you have any you can share?   We can include them with our nomination if we have them by 5pm Monday. 

Please send them via email to parent Laura Muller,  Include your student’s first and last name, and the year, along with the photo attachment.

Thanks again for all the assistance! We’ll let you know how it is going once the nomination is submitted.

We have always known how special our school librarian, Mrs. Wells, is.  From creating maker spaces and book clubs to organizing school-wide author visits, Ms. Wells has always created such amazing learning experiences for our community.  However, this year, during the pandemic, we and our children were reminded once again just how special Mrs. Wells is.  To borrow from pandemic language, she is a ‘super spreader’ in the very best way — beyond instilling the love of reading and understanding to our children, she’s bringing energy, and hope, and unity to Wildwood Elementary with her mobile library project.  Each month, our children cannot wait for their new infusion of books that have been handpicked for them by Mrs. Wells.     That’s why the Wildwood PGO, under the leadership of parent Laura Muller, is nominating her for the Scholastic Librarian of the Year award.  If she wins, we’ll get a ton of new books for the library, among other things.      But we need your help to ensure that she wins.  As part of the nomination, we aim to submit as many parent and child stories about how much their relationship with Mrs. Wells means, this year, during the pandemic, and beyond.  Please take 5 minutes now to write your story in this Google Form.   Your story can be as short (one sentence) or as long as you would like.  We need stories by Friday December 4 in order to meet the submission deadline.   Let’s reflect all that energy and hope right back at Mrs. Wells!  If she wins, we all do!   If you have questions about this process, please feel free to contact Laura Muller ( , Chris Lindstrom ( or Kerry Crosby (

The Wildwood Library/PGO Book Delivery and Pick Up Project The Week of December 14th!

Susan Wells Bitmoji

This month students will exchange their NOVEMBER books and backpacks for a backpack with NEW books! 

IMPORTANT: You must return library books in your backpack to receive a new backpack** (unless this is your first month in the program).

**Not done with all your books?  Please return the books you are done with in the backpack and keep what you are still reading!

Pick Up at Wildwood School:  If you chose “pick up,” come to the front doors of Wildwood on Wednesday, Dec. 16th or Thursday, Dec. 17th between 3:30 and 5:30. Don’t forget your backpack to exchange.

SCHOOL BUS DELIVERY to the apartment complexes Tuesday OR Thursday!

If you chose delivery and you live at the following apartment complexes, PLEASE come to the bus on the listed DAY AND TIME to exchange your backpack of books!

TUESDAY, Dec. 15thTHURSDAY, Dec. 17th
11:00 AM27 Montague Rd.11:15 AMOlympia Oaks 
11:15 AM75 and 85 Cowls Rd. 11:30 AMVillage Park @ the bus stop
11:30 AMBrandywine Apartments @ the bus stop12:00 PMThe Boulders @ the bus stop
12:00 PMPresidential Apartments 

Neighborhood Deliveries (not the apartment complexes): We have 5 dedicated drivers who will contact your family and let you know when to be ready for the backpack exchange.  Thank you PGO volunteers!

Don’t forget to put books on hold in the library catalog!  Check out the directions at click on the tab > LIBRARY BOOKS.

If you have any questions please email me:

Happy Reading, Susan Wells

PGO Project: Teacher’s Wish Lists!

We’re re-introducing a classic PGO program that had fallen by the wayside, but we want to revive. The goal is to engage the class families in helping teachers get the resources and materials they need for remote learning. 

Here’s how it should work. Each Class parent will get a list from the teacher of things they may need (supplies, resources, recycled materials, and much more). This list can then be circulated to the parents. From that list, parents can buy stuff OR (most importantly) realize that they have that lying around their houses and decide to donate it or lend it to the school. The only thing the Teacher’s Wish List can’t accommodate is fundraising.

Contact Kristen DeAngelis, PGO Class Parent Coordinator, if you have questions about Teacher Wish Lists:

PGO Funding is available for Teachers

This is a public service announcement to the Wildwood community that PGO currently offer its funds to teachers through two programs. Classroom teachers get Discretionary Funds of $100 each, and other teachers who are not classroom-based also can access these programs, although the Discretionary Funds budgets vary. Funds are also available through the Mini-Grant program, which is typically $250 per grant, and awarded in coordination with Principal Nick. 

This is how it works now. Let us know if you have another idea! If anyone wants to know more, Laura Hunter, PGO treasurer, is your gal:

Parents and guardians, we are sensitive to the especially unusual academic year we’re having. We in PGO leadership are open to other suggestions. Please don’t hesitate to email us at

Join Multi-Arts Spanish Through the Arts

We are happy to offer our successful Spanish Through the Arts again this winter session. Children will learn Spanish using music, art and theater, making it fun and enjoyable. 

Children can choose Monday 5:00-6:00 p.m. Thursday 3:30-5:00 p.m. or both days. We will meet for 10 weeks. Thursday Theater class we will culminate in a final show in which children will apply the vocabulary learned during the classes. 
Monday’ meetings run from Monday, December 7th to February, 22nd  & 
Thursday’s meetings run from Thursday, December 10th to February 25th

Isabel Arango is our Spanish teacher and Maia Petrucha our Theater teacher. You can read about them here

Welcome to sign up here

Catalina Arrubla

Call for Submissions: Dreaming the Future!

Dreaming the Future Logo

The Forbes, Jones, and Lilly libraries are collaborating with UMass’s Feinberg Lecture Series, and we are asking the young people of Western Massachusetts (ages 5-18) to help us envision a future where climate change is mitigated and the world has adapted. The project, Dreaming the Future, asks young people to consider their relationship with the natural world, how they think it might change in the future, what they hope it might be like, and how to help guide humanity toward a more climate-just world. Participants are invited to respond to a variety of prompts and share their work with us; we will then publish the collection as a zine (a limited-edition publication). Participants will receive a physical copy of the booklet and it will also be available online. We are asking for submissions now through January 1st. To view the prompts and find information on how to submit, please visit:

See flyer here.

PGO Giving Tuesday Fundraiser Update

Hello parents and guardians at Wildwood Elementary, we are well over halfway to our goal of $5,000 in the middle of our Giving Tuesday fundraiser.  Giving Tuesday is this coming Tuesday, December 1.  Please take a moment to make a donation of any size, large or small as we work to enrich the educational experience of our students.  Give online at, or send a check or cash in the pre-stamped envelope that accompanied the PGO fundraising flyer that came in your child’s backpack.

Thank you!

ARPS Warm Winter Coat and Clothing Drive

This winter an unprecedented number of Amherst children need warm outdoor clothing.The Amherst Public Schools (ARPS) Family Center is once again organizing a winter clothing drive with the PGOs’ help. We are looking for donations of new (and gently used) winter coats for over 90 Amherst children, size pre-K through adult. Also needed: snow pants and boots; hats and waterproof mittens/gloves appreciated, too!

There are dropoff bins located outside the front doors of each Amherst public school. Please make sure all clothing is clean, in good condition and put your donations in plastic bags.

You are see what sizes are needed most and signup to donate here:

If you prefer to give money instead of clothing, you may donate online at or send a check (payable to ARPS PGO) or gift cards to Tracy Zafian, ARPS PGO Treasurer, 51 Blue Hills Road, Amherst.

Our goal is to finish collecting by Monday, December 14. If you have questions or need someone to pick up your clothing donation, please contact Thank you. Collected items will be distributed to families by the ARPS Family Center in December. The PGOs may have an additional distribution in January.

If you or your children are in need of warm winter clothing, please contact Mildred Martinez at the ARPS Family Center: or 413-362-1871.

Wildwood #giving tuesday/brown envelope fundraiser

November's library backpacks about to be distributed, with the PGO fundraising flyer enclosed!
November’s library backpacks about to be distributed, with the PGO fundraising flyer enclosed!

Giving Tuesday is on December 1 this year, and we urge you to give generously to the Wildwood PGO.  One of two major fundraisers the Wildwood PGO holds every school year, the Fall Brown Envelope Fundraiser culminates on Giving Tuesday and our aim is to raise $5,000.  Please give using the pre-stamped envelope that came with the fundraising flyer inserted in your child’s library backpack, or by donating online at This year we purchased new, high interest books for Ms. Wells mobile library project, and have helped with additional supplies requested by teachers for their remote classrooms, and will publish this year’s school directory for distribution in December.  We anticipate more unbudgeted costs throughout this year, but, with your support, the PGO will do our best to help the children thrive during this uncertain time.

Parent Rachel Broudy loads up her car with backpacks to drop off around town this past Monday.
Parent Rachel Broudy loads up her car with backpacks to drop off around town this past Monday.
A Photo of the letter you should receive in your backpack
A Photo of the letter you should receive in your backpack

Annual Winter Coat Drive

Each year at this time of the year, the Amherst public schools’ Parent Guardian Organizations, in partnership with the ARPS Family Center, hold a Winter Coat Collection & Distribution event.  We need to collect new, and gently used, WARM winter coats for over 80 ARPS students.  All sized are needed (pre-K thru adult), and families can sign up to donate, arrange for donation pick up at home, and find the bin locations here:

The first collection round will occur on Monday, December 14.  

We also aim to collect $2,000 to buy any needed winter gear that is not donated.  Donate online at  or send a gift card, or a check made payable to ARPS PGO, to:  ARPS Winter Coat Drive, c/o Tracy Zafian, 51 Blue Hills Road, Amherst, MA 01002.
If your children need winter clothing, please contact Mildred Martinez at the ARPS Family Center at, 413-362-1871.

We appreciate every donation big or small, and ALL funds raised will go to purchase new coats and other warm winter outerwear such as boots and snow pants.  

Thank you for fulfilling this critical need and for helping all ARPS families stay warm this winter.  

Seeking examples of teachers’ and staff members’ responsiveness and ongoing commitment to social justice during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Board members of the Roger L. Wallace Excellence in Teaching Award Foundation seek examples that illustrate elementary school teachers’ and staff members’ responsiveness and ongoing commitment to social justice during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students, guardians, parents, teachers, staff, and others are encouraged to submit a brief (or longer!) description to respond to this prompt.

Please email your story to Katie at by November 30, 2020. Thank you! 

The Wildwood Library/PGO Book Delivery and Pick Up Project in November!

Check Your Bags!

This week, the Wildwood PGO starts one of its two major fundraisers of the year. Look for a letter in your child’s November book bag. With many unanticipated expenses so far, including new books for the library, we really need your donation. This fundraiser will culminate on #Giving Tuesday: December 1.

Please use the donate button at to make a contribution today, thank you!

November Book Deliveries and Pickup

This month students will exchange their October books and backpacks for a NEW backpack with NEW books! 

IMPORTANT: You must return library books in your backpack to receive a new backpack** (unless this is your first month in the program).

Pick Up at Wildwood School:  If you choose to pick up, come to the front doors of Wildwood on Wednesday, Nov. 18th or Thursday, 19th between 3:30 and 5:30. I will be there with some special guests you will be excited to see in person! Don’t forget your backpack to exchange.

Exciting news! I will be delivering to all the apartment complexes on Tuesday, November 17th in a SCHOOL BUS! If you chosedelivery and you live at the following apartment complexes, PLEASE come to the bus on Tuesday, Nov 17th at the listed time to exchange your backpack of books!

Time on Tuesday, Nov. 17thPlace
9:00 AM27 Montague Rd.
9:30 AM75 and 85 Cowls Rd. 
10:00 AMBrandywine Apartments 
10:30 AMPresidential Apartments 
11 AMOlympia Oaks 
11:30 AMVillage Park 
12:00 PMThe Boulders 
Schedule for book deliveries

Please have your backpack ready and come out to greet the school bus if possible.  If you will not be home at the listed time on Tuesday, please leave your October backpack in a safe and covered place (preferably by your door) so I know where to leave the new backpack.  Teachers will know that you may leave class to retrieve your backpack on this day!

Neighborhood Deliveries (not the apartment complexes): We have 5 dedicated drivers who will contact your family and let you know when to be ready for the backpack exchange.  Thank you PGO volunteers!

Some fun facts: 2,500 books were checked out in October. Books were delivered to over 130 students in October. In November 294 students will receive books!   **Not done with all your books?  Please return the books you are done with in the backpack and keep what you are still reading!   If you have any questions please email me:

Happy Reading, Susan Wells

Easy ways to support the Wildwood Parent Guardian Organization

Here are easy ways you can help the PGO raise funds this year. Please consider using one or all of these programs, and ask your friends and family to do it, too!

AMAZON SMILE Go to for your Amazon shopping and Wildwood will earn 0.5% of your purchases. To select Wildwood as your permanent charity, go to Click Your Account -> Your Amazon Smile -> Change Charity button. Search for “Amherst Regional Public Schools Parent Guardian Organization” -> Click Select.

ATKINS FARMS COUNTRY MARKET Use your Atkins Wildwood School Shoppers Card or quote Customer #84 when you shop at Atkins or Savory Suppers, to credit Wildwood with a percentage of your purchases.  Just mention the number 84 at checkout.

BAY STATE TEXTILES Drop off your unwanted but clean clothes, footwear, linens and stuffed animals in bags. The donation box is located at the entrance of the Wildwood side parking lot.  The PGO receives donations from the company based on weight.   

Bag up your clothing, donate it at Wildwood, and support the PGO!
Bag up your clothing, donate it at Wildwood, and support the PGO!

BIG Y Purchase a “Big Y Cares Community Giving Bag” to reuse for your groceries.  Write Wildwood Elementary PGO on the tag and turn it over to Customer Service for a $1 donation to be made to us.  Or, follow the directions on the tag to donate to us online.

BOXTOPS FOR EDUCATION Look for the Box Tops logo on grocery products you already have in the cupboard, cut out the logos and bring your box tops to the school’s main office at the end of the summer. For each Box Top clipped the school receives 10 cents.

FLORENCE BANK CUSTOMER’S CHOICE COMMUNITY GRANTS If you or someone in your family banks at Florence Bank, you can help support the ARPS PGO through this grant program.  We can win up to $5,000 – go to, select Amherst Regional Public Schools PGO from the dropdown menu, and cast your ballots before December 31.  Everyone in your family with an account can vote! 

STOP AND SHOP Register your Stop&Shop card and Wildwood will receive a percentage of your shopping.  To register visit and designate Wildwood School ID #05168. If you need help, call A+ Rewards at 1-877-275-2758. If you registered your card last year, you do not need to re-register if your school selection remains the same.

Mark Your Calendars!

Nov 11: Veterans Day (Observed) (No School) 

Nov 12: Virtual Coffee Event Focused on Wellness

Nov 18: PreK-12 Early Release (12:00 secondary/1:20 elementary) 

Nov 25-27: Thanksgiving Break

Dec 16: PreK-12 Early Release (12:00 secondary/1:20 elementary) 

Dec 21-Jan 1 : Winter Break

Jan 6: Three Kings Day (No School)

Wildwood Family Directory: Stay connected with Classmates

Wildwood families and caregivers,  each year one of the Parent Guardian Organization’s core responsibilities is to publish a school directory. We are doing it again this year but we are delayed.  The directory helps us all stay connected.  It is only distributed among Wildwood families, and, typically, it helps us set up play dates, birthday parties, and with general communication.  In these not so typical times, we can all use a bit more connection, even if it is just virtual.  Please take a quick minute to submit your information BY CLICKING HERE.

School Directory: Sign Up Today!

Each year the PGO puts together a very useful “all school” directory with the contact information of all families so they can contact each other.

You can choose to be part of the directory by filling out this form.

Cada año, el PGO crea un “directorio de familias” con la información de todas las familias de los estudiantes de Wildwood para que puedan ponerse en contacto.

Si quiere que su informacion este en el directorio, por favor complete este formulario.

Tuesday, Nov 3 is Election Day!

Repost from ARHS PGO Parent News


The Town of Amherst is divided into ten Precincts, now organized in to five Districts. See below table to view your Precinct and polling location as well as your corresponding District. 


The polling hours for all elections and all polling places are 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.

PrecinctDistrictPolling Location
11North Zion Korean Church, Church Hall, 1193 North Pleasant Street
22Amherst-Pelham Regional High School, 21 Mattoon Street
31Immanuel Lutheran Church, 867 North Pleasant Street
43Amherst-Pelham Regional High School, 21 Mattoon Street
54Bangs Community Center, 70 Boltwood Walk
62Fort River School, 70 South East Street
75Crocker Farm School, 280 West Street
85Munson Memorial Library, South Amherst Common, 1046 South East Street
94Wildwood School, 71 Strong Street
103Amherst-Pelham Regional High School, 21 Mattoon Street

You may also go to the State Elections Division website to look up your polling location.

*Can I Still Vote Early? Early voting (for all Amherst precincts) will take place through Friday, Oct. 30 at the Bangs Community Center, 70 Boltwood Walk, Amherst Fri, Oct 30: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm *Find Your Assigned Polling Place for Voting On Nov. 3:

*Where to Drop Off Your Vote-by-Mail Ballot:The Ballot Drop Box is outside Amherst Town Hall, 4 Boltwood Ave., Amherst (Main Street side)

*Check Your Voter Registration Status:…/MyVoterRegStatus.aspx

*Track Your Vote-By-Mail Ballot:…/track/trackmyballot.aspx

*If you received a Vote-By-Mail ballot, but have decided to vote in person instead, bring the unused ballot to your polling place for voiding.

*If you are listed as an inactive voter, you will also be asked to present identification which shows your name and the address at which you are registered to vote. It is not required that you present photo identification. Acceptable forms of identification include: a driver’s license, state-issued ID card, recent utility bill, rent receipt, or lease. Further information is here:…/ele…/inactivevotersidx.htm

Prohibited Activities

State law prohibits the display of political paraphernalia within 150 feet of the entrance to the polling location. Signs, stickers, and even lapel buttons are not permitted within this restricted zone. State regulations also prohibit political solicitation within the restricted zone.

Voters may take their own personal notes into the polling place as an aid to assist their voting. This information cannot be shared with other voters or left in the polling place.


All Elections are held at the Town Hall, 9 Montague Rd., Leverett, MA 01054 7 AM – 8PM

•    Wear a Face Covering

•    Bring a Pen or Pencil  (if you don’t want to borrow one)

•    Bring a Clip Board or Book to mark your ballot on (if you don’t want to use a Voting Booth)

•    Bring an ID – in some cases voters will be required to show an ID. 

•    Don’t touch your face while at the polling location

•    Maintain Social Distancing – keep 6’ away from anyone not from your household


Polls will be open between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. with voting taking place at the Ramsdell Room (Library Complex), 2 South Valley Road, Pelham


The deadline to request an absentee ballot IN PERSON will remain 12:00 p.m. the day before the election.


The Shutesbury election will be conducted at Town Hall, 1 Cooleyville rd. Polls are open from 7AM to 8PM.

If you are interested in being an election observer on November 3rd, contact the Town Clerk to make an appointment by 5PM October 30th.

Health and Safety Precautions: The precinct will be kept clean and well ventilated at all times. Board of Health volunteers will be on hand to make sure we are doing all we can to keep our voters and our election workers safe. Social distance will be required. If you do not bring your mask, a mask will be provided to you.

Annual Ski & Winter Gear Tent Sale – October 31, 9am – 2pm

Annual Ski and Winter Gear Sale, Details below.

Hosted by Amherst History Museum

5th Annual Ski and Winter Gear Sale, returns on October 31, 2020, from 9 am – 2 pm, under the tent at 67 Amity Street, with deals and choices so big – it’s scary!

Shoppers can once again choose from a vast selection of new and used downhill, cross-country skis, ski poles, helmets, snowshoes, boots, skates, snowboards, outdoor clothing (including jackets, gloves, mittens, and hats) all in adult and youth sizes. Strict safety guidelines will be observed with periodic cleaning of surfaces and social distancing measures in place.