Free Meals for children 18 and under

I wanted to take the time to reach out to all of you this morning in case you haven’t already heard, or are looking for more information. The USDA has decided to fund FREE MEALS for all children ages 18 and under. This is huge for addressing hunger and food access for our children, taking the burden off of parents and guardians already facing additional challenges with remote learning, and drastically supports our program, giving us the opportunity to grow and expand in the future. Free meals will be offered at delivery sites throughout town for remote learners, and all in-school meals will be free as well, for as long as funding is available. We are also excited to announce that we will be providing weekend meals for as long as we are able to!

For each meal that is taken by a child, we receive a federal reimbursement. This means that the more meals that are taken, the more money that goes back into the program, and the more likely we are to be able to expand programs such as Farm to School, Meals in the Classroom, Second Chance Breakfast, Grab and Go Breakfast, Plant-Based Meals, and so many other great initiatives we have been asked about by all of you in our community!

We appreciate your support of our program and are happy to be feeding our children, regardless of the circumstances we face this year!

Please reach out to me with any questions.

With Gratitude,

Julia Burdick
School Nutrition Assistant Director
Amherst Pelham Regional School District
170 Chestnut Street
Amherst, MA 01002

Instrumental Music Online Town Hall Meeting – Monday, 9/21

As you can imagine, the instrumental music team is fielding a lot of questions right now.

We’ve scheduled an “Online Town Hall Meeting” for 10 am and 7 pm next Monday, 9/21.

Please share this information with families, we would love for them to join us.

Below is the link:

Join by phone
(US) +1 435-574-4065 (PIN: 351182186)

It is also on our website:

Thank you!

Ariel Templeton

PGO Welcome Letter


The Wildwood Parent Guardian Organization

Wildwood Elementary School is a wonderful community with vibrant parent/guardian involvement. The Wildwood ParentGuardian Organization (PGO) is a group of volunteer parents/guardians whose mission is to build a strong community with academic enrichment opportunities and equity for all children. The PGO strives to support the school’s teachers and staff in providing all children with the best elementary school experience possible. To meet these goals, the PGO provides grant opportunities for teachers and staff, promotes communication between the families and the school and organizes a variety of enriching activities and events for children and adults throughout the school year.

2020-2021 School Year

The PGO welcomes you to the 2020-2021 school year. While the beginning of this year started in remote learning instead of our traditional format, we are even more committed in working and supporting our school community so that our school continues to provide the great Wildwood experience. Soon all families will receive an email from the Wildwood PGO. It will contain information about the events we organize, the calendar of activities and fundraisers, and forms for you to fill out. Please take the time to respond. THANK YOU!

The PGO core group

You are already a member of the PGO simply by being a parent. A group of us volunteer to getour mission accomplished:

  • Eugenia Clerico and Letha Gayle-Brissett, co-chairs
  • Laura Melbin, treasurer
  • Christine Lindstom, fundraising chair
  • William Devore and Ellen Boucher, bloggers
  • Janice Alvarez, secretary
  • Lara Friedman, communication chair
  • Kristen DeAngelis, class parent coordinator
  • Becky Miller, interim volunteer coordinator
  • Molly Christie, social justice committee member
  • Heather Welch, teacher mini-grants coordinator
  • Kerry Crosby, member at large

This year we welcome new volunteer members Letha Gayle-Brissett (co-chair), Lara Friedman(communication chair), Molly Christie (social justice committee chair). Thank you for your support!


We appreciate all the ways people are involved in helping to accomplish the mission of the Wildwood PGO. Whether it is through your donation of time, energy and/or financial support, you truly make a difference in the lives of the students of Wildwood School. Every year there are volunteer opportunities and we are looking for volunteers in the areas below. This is a worthwhile cause for your child and other children, so we look forward to hearing from you. Please email to join us!


Outreach Coordinator- NEEDED

  • attend PGO core monthly meetings.
  • create, distribute, and collect a recruiting flyer at the beginning of the school year
  • maintain a database of volunteers throughout the school year, which includes contacting the librarians and art teacher to get a list of regular volunteers. (NOTE: often people reach out to the librarians or the art teacher directly)
  • contact and recruit volunteers, as needed, for tasks based on preference.
  • should be comfortable contacting people by email, phone or text (according to their preferences)
  • Create and manage a committee to help if needed.

Website Coordinator-NEEDED

  • Update old content
  • Maintain broken links
  • Add new content from semi-regular newsletter / store information on past events and mini grants that we can use to talk up the PGO to new wildwood community members

Blog Content Providers-NEEDED

  • Write blurbs for the blog / newsletter/social media as directed to by the communications chair

Real World Experiences Coordinator-NEEDED:

  • Create a system for connecting teachers to community organizations and parent volunteers to bring real-world experiences that are connected to curriculum.
  • Possibly develop a committee for helping with this work.

*Please note: The current leadership of the Wildwood PGO is bilingual in both Spanish and English; feel free to write to us in any other language.


Do take some time to read our weekly newsletter to keep yourself informed about upcoming events, deadlines, news and more. We welcome any submission of information that is helpful to the Wildwood community. All families who register students for Wildwood prior to August 22 are automatically subscribed. You can sign up to receive the newsletter via email at

The newsletter can also be accessed from the front page of the Wildwood Website or at

En Español

Placement Update from Principal Nick

Note: Principal Nick’s message was sent as an email on Wednesday September 9th. It is included here in its entirety and includes a link to the PDF version.

Here is a copy of this letter as a pdf: 9-9-20 letter to families with translation.pdf 

Dear Wildwood Families, 

       Yesterday, our Superintendent Mike Morris shared the elementary remote school schedule with you. In recognition that there are lots of questions about the remote schedule there will be a live informational session with the Superintendent and with our Curriculum Coordinator Tim Sheehan, tomorrow, Thursday, September 10th, at 8:30 AM. Here is the Youtube link: Elementary Schedule info session.  If you cannot make it to this session, it will be recorded and accessible at the same Youtube link for viewing anytime.

       At the beginning of the year, especially under these unique circumstances, our school staff will focus on welcoming students back, developing positive relationships with each student, helping them feel a sense of belonging and connectedness to each other, and building a strong classroom community. At the same time, they will gradually teach their students the skills they need to learn online. 

      In my last letter I stated that we were hoping to send out class placements by today, September 9th. This is a highly anticipated event in elementary schools as students (and families) wait to find out who their teacher will be. Like most things during this COVID time, developing class lists turned out to be a complicated process. After examining the family surveys stating your preferences for remote or in-person learning, we felt it was best to adjust how we are setting up our class lists. Since Phase 1 of in-person instruction is currently scheduled for October 1st and families offered binding decisions on in-person or remote learning, we created two in-person and one remote class for kindergarten and grade one. However, since Phases 2 and 3 will be starting later and families did not make binding decisions on in-person or remote learning, we recognized that family choices may shift, so we decided to create three balanced classrooms in each grade 2-6 for now, without clustering fully remote and in-person learning students. What this means is that students in these grades will start out the year in a class, and then closer to the beginning of Phases 2 and 3, families will be asked their binding in-person or distance learning preferences. We may then have to make adjustments to the classes, based on these family choices. We are finalizing the class lists today and will be letting you know the class placement by the end of the day tomorrow, Thursday, or Friday at the latest. I apologize for the delay.

       In anticipation of receiving this news here are our classroom teaching teams for the upcoming school year:  

Two names with a  /  between them indicates a co-taught class.

Kindergarten: In-person Classes: Lisa Poirier/LJ Phillips, Carol Schotte/Maggie Todd, Remote Class: Ricci Mastroianni/Livia Velez. Please join me in welcoming Carol Schotte to our Wildwood Kindergarten Team. Carol has been a highly-regarded preschool teacher at Pelham Elementary School and has many years of early childhood experience in a variety of settings. Carol is teaching kindergarten while Nadia Sadhu is away on a one-year maternity leave.

First Grade: In-person Classes- Drew Egan/Jeff Kalman, McCall Tharion. Remote Class: Victoria Munroe 

 Please join me in welcoming Drew to our first grade team. Drew has taught in the primary grades in two different project-based schools in New York City. In addition, recently completed an MFA in writing for children through the Eric Carle Museum. During the summer Emma Pascarella decided to teach in Holyoke where she and her family live. We wish her well.

Second Grade: Lorrie Heard/Kristin Riley, Shannon Applegate, Mangala Jagadeesh

Third Grade: Alan Kuusisto/Courtney Platt, Mary Fournier, Kira Thomas

Fourth Grade: Gioia Woods/Catherine Moss, Mario Perez, Elaine Stinson

Fifth Grade: Elizabeth Elder/Soleil Sonoda, Sarah Bing-Owen, Chris Owen

Sixth Grade: Samantha Comeau(math)/Sarah Hickman, Chris Eggemeier(ELA), Jaimie Bust(Science)

Please join me in welcoming back Chris Eggemeier to the Wildwood staff after his sabbatical working and learning at the High Tech High Schools and Graduate Program in San Diego. In some ways, it felt like Chris never left since he was continually and still is highly involved in our staff development helping us learn and grow as educators. 



Estimadas familias de Wildwood: 

       Ayer, nuestro Superintendente Mike Morris compartió con ustedes el horario de la escuela elemental remota. Reconociendo que hay muchas preguntas sobre el horario remoto, habrá una sesión informativa en vivo con el Superintendente y con nuestro Coordinador de Currículo Tim Sheehan, mañana jueves, 10 de septiembre a las 8:30 AM. Aquí está el enlace de Youtube: Sesión de información del horario de elemental. Si no puede asistir a esta sesión, se grabará y se podrá acceder a ella en el mismo enlace de Youtube para verla en cualquier momento.

       Al comienzo del año, especialmente bajo estas circunstancias únicas, nuestro personal escolar se enfocará en dar la bienvenida a los estudiantes, desarrollar relaciones positivas con cada estudiante, ayudarlos a sentir un sentido de pertenencia y conexión entre ellos, y construir una sólida comunidad en el aula. Al mismo tiempo, enseñarán gradualmente a sus estudiantes las habilidades que necesitan para aprender en línea. 

      En mi última carta dije que teníamos la esperanza de enviar las ubicaciones de las clases para hoy, 9 de septiembre. Este es un evento muy esperado en las escuelas elementales, ya que los estudiantes (y las familias) esperan saber quién será su maestro. Como la mayoría de las cosas durante este tiempo de COVID, desarrollar listas de clases resultó ser un proceso complicado. Después de examinar las encuestas familiares que indican sus preferencias por el aprendizaje a distancia o en persona, sentimos que era mejor ajustar la forma en que estamos configurando nuestras listas de clases. Dado que la Fase 1 de la instrucción en persona está actualmente programada para el 1 de octubre y las familias ofrecieron decisiones vinculantes sobre el aprendizaje a distancia o en persona, creamos dos clases presenciales y una remota para Kindergarten y primer grado. Sin embargo, dado que las Fases 2 y 3 comenzarán más tarde y las familias no tomaron decisiones vinculantes sobre el aprendizaje a distancia o en persona, reconocimos que las opciones familiares pueden cambiar, por lo que decidimos crear tres aulas equilibradas en cada grado 2-6 por ahora, sin agrupar a los estudiantes de aprendizaje presencial y totalmente a distancia. Lo que esto significa es que los estudiantes en estos grados comenzarán el año en una clase, y luego, más cerca del comienzo de las Fases 2 y 3, se les preguntará a las familias sus preferencias vinculantes en persona o aprendizaje a distancia. Entonces, es posible que tengamos que hacer ajustes en las clases, en función de estas elecciones familiares. Estamos finalizando las listas de clases hoy y les informaremos la ubicación de la clase al final del día de mañana, jueves o viernes a más tardar. Me disculpo por el retraso.

     Como anticipo de recibir esta noticia aquí están nuestros equipos de enseñanza para el próximo año escolar:  

dos nombres con una ‘/’ entre ellos indican una clase de enseñanza conjunta.

Kindergarten: Clases presenciales: Lisa Poirier / LJ Phillips, Carol Schotte / Maggie Todd, Clase remota: Ricci Mastroianni / Livia Velez. Únase a mí para dar la bienvenida a Carol Schotte a nuestro equipo de kindergarten de Wildwood. Carol ha sido una maestra de preescolar muy respetada en la Escuela Elemental Pelham y tiene muchos años de experiencia en la niñez temprana en una variedad de entornos. Carol está enseñando en el kindergarten mientras Nadia Sadhu está fuera con una licencia de maternidad de un año.

Primer grado: Clases presenciales- Drew Egan / Jeff Kalman, McCall Tharion. Clase remota: Victoria Munroe 

Por favor, demos la bienvenida a Drew a nuestro equipo de primer grado. Drew ha enseñado en los grados elementales de dos escuelas diferentes basadas en proyectos en la ciudad de Nueva York. Además, recientemente completó un MFA en escritura para niños a través del Museo Eric Carle. Durante el verano, Emma Pascarella decidió enseñar en Holyoke donde ella y su familia viven. Le deseamos lo mejor.

Segundo grado: Lorrie Heard / Kristin Riley, Shannon Applegate, Mangala Jagadeesh

Tercer grado: Alan Kuusisto / Courtney Platt, Mary Fournier, Kira Thomas

Cuarto grado: Gioia Woods / Catherine Moss, Mario Perez, Elaine Stinson

Quinto grado: Elizabeth Elder / Soleil Sonoda, Sarah Bing-Owen, Chris Owen

Sexto grado: Samantha Comeau (matemáticas) / Sarah Hickman, Chris Eggemeier (ELA), Jaimie Bust (Ciencias)

Únase a mí para darle la bienvenida Chris Eggemeier al personal de Wildwood después de su año sabático de trabajo y aprendizaje en las Escuelas Secundarias de Alta Tecnología y el Programa de Graduados en San Diego. De alguna manera, se sintió como si Chris nunca se hubiera ido, ya que estuvo continuamente y sigue estando muy involucrado en el desarrollo de nuestro personal ayudándonos a aprender y crecer como educadores. 



PGO Leadership – Members Needed!

Volunteer Outreach Coordinator – NEEDED

  • Attend PGO core monthly meetings.
  • Create, distribute, and collect a recruiting flyer at the beginning of the school year.
  • Maintain a database of volunteers throughout the school year, which includes contacting the librarians and art teacher to get a list of regular volunteers. (NOTE: often people reach out to the librarians or the art teacher directly)
  • Contact and recruit volunteers, as needed, for tasks based on preference. 
  • You should be comfortable contacting people by email, phone or text (according to their preferences).
  • Create and manage a committee to help if needed. 

Website Coordinator–NEEDED

  • Update old content.
  • Maintain broken links.
  •  Add new content from semi-regular newsletter / store information on past events and mini grants that we can use to talk up the PGO to new wildwood community members.

Blog Content Providers-NEEDED  

  • Write blurbs for the blog / newsletter/social media as directed to by the communications chair.

Real World Experiences Coordinator–NEEDED:

  • Create a system for connecting teachers to community organizations and parent volunteers to bring real-world experiences that are connected to curriculum. 
  • Possibly develop a committee for helping with this work.

Racial Identity Exploration Book Club

At the request of an interested parent, the Crocker Farm PGO is hosting a book club whose mission is to explore racial identity as well as to provide a space for BIPOC community voices to discuss their experiences. We would like to invite all Amherst school community members to participate who are interested.

The book club will read 6 titles over 6 sessions, focusing one session on each title. The Wildwood PGO has also committed to purchasing 6 copies of the 6 titles for Wildwood families.

These book clubs will be held via zoom for the coming school year, but we hope this will become an in-person community event post-COVID concerns.

The first book club will be hosted at the end of September.
Sign up for the book club.

Participant should fill out this Doodle poll on setting a date for the first meeting.

Wildwood Needs your Fallen Trees

From Ms. Mastroiani,

Do you still have any fallen trees sitting in your yard? Wildwood Kindergarten & 1st grade teachers would love to have them if you have the tools, time, and energy to donate!  If you are able, please bring them to the fenced part of the playground by the back parking lot. Thank you!

What we are looking for:

  • Tree stumps of similar size that K/1st grade size child can sit on (about 10″ Height and 10″ diameter)
  • 12″ diameter x 2″ thick circles for kids to sit on criss-cross applesauce (to use as a marker/sit spots)
  • 3-4″ diameter thin circles with a hole to put yarn through (to make name tags)

Virtual Town Hall: Fall 2020 district reopening plan


There will be two virtual Town Hall discussions around the fall 2020 district reopening plan that was submitted to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). There will be an opportunity to ask questions and participate in either or both sessions, simply visit the link(s) at the designated time of the meeting you would like to “attend”.

9AM – 10AM Secondary (Middle and High)

4PM – 5PM Elementary

School Reopening Discussion with APEA teachers union.

The APEA teacher union wants to invite families to a discussion about reopening school. (Not a district-sponsored event. And there will be Spanish translation.) It’s for Sunday, Aug 9 4-5. We miss your students and want to see them in person, but do have concerns about that. What are your concerns, ideas and hopes?

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Thank you! Online Yearbook

The Wildwood PGO wanted to take the opportunity to thank two of our very special parent volunteers, Susan Wells and Jenny Haugsjaahabink. You may know them as teachers in our library, but they do two really important volunteer jobs as parents each year: they put together the Wildwood Directory and the Yearbook. The Directory and Yearbook are so important in helping create community connections within our school. The Directory allows parents and guardians to connect and get to know the other parent/guardians within their child’s classroom, and the yearbook is an important keepsake for our children who look through them over and over again throughout this year. This year was particularly challenging for the yearbook production with the school closure, but Susan and Jenny found a way. See below for how to access the digital yearbook if you haven’t seen it yet. Jenny and Susan will continue to volunteer for the yearbook next year. Thank you, Jenny and Susan, for all of your years of service in creating these important pieces of our Wildwood community!   We will need a new PGO volunteer to work on the Wildwood Directory. If you are interested, please contact us at This is an incredibly important resource and we need volunteers to help it continue.     If you have yet to view the digital yearbook, you can view it here:  The 2019-2020 Wildwood Digital Yearbook.  Note: This is a protected website. Only people with ARPS email and specific viewing permission can view this website.For access and viewing permission, please fill out this Google Form. The Wildwood Yearbook is a parent-produced, all volunteer effort. We had LIMITED access to PHOTOS. WE CANNOT PRINT a website. This is the only version of the yearbook this year. 

Have a great summer!

The Wildwood PGO

School Committee Meets 6/25- Fall Planning

There is a joint meeting of the Amherst, Pelham, and Region School Committees on Thursday, June 25 at 6:30pm. It will be broadcast live on Amherst Media as well as streaming on:

The meeting will begin the critical planning and work needed to be ready to go back to school in the fall amidst the ongoing impacts of COVID-19.

The agenda includes:

  • Superintendent’s Update;
  • Chair’s Update;
  • School Committee Announcements;

New & Continuing Business (ARPS Fall 2020 Planning, DESE Guidance for Fall 2020 Opening, Survey Results, Process to and Timeline for Decisions on Fall 2020 Model, Process for Engaging Public);

Adjourn ASC; Adjourn PSC; Gifts; Adjourn RSC

Submit public comment anytime before 3pm Wednesday by leaving a voice message at (413)345-2949 or by emailing with the subject line “Public Comment”.

The PVTA Wants Your Input on the Comprehensive Regional Transportation Plan

The Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA) is updating its Comprehensive Regional Transportation Plan and is seeking input from you! To gain a better understanding of the region’s current and future transportation needs, the PVTA created a mobile-friendly survey and is currently soliciting opinions from the public. Funding for service improvements often takes years to secure, so please submit your feedback now—doing so is vital to ensuring that the PVTA can serve you better in the future!

WW Library Summer Reading and Book Club

Black Brother By Jewell Parker Rhodes
Summer Book Club For rising 3rd graders and up! Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12 noon Beginning on June 23. Author Visit with Jewell Parker Rhodes on Tuesday, July 16th!
Summer Book Club For rising 1st and 2nd graders Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1 pm Beginning on June 23

Summer Book Club For rising 1st and 2nd graders Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1 pm Beginning on June 23

Dear Wildwood Families:Wildwood Library Summer Reading Lists are HERE

Find Summer Reading recommendations from picture books to upper grade fiction and nonfiction on ourWildwood Library Summer Reading Website.

I hope students will join us for our Summer Reading Book Clubs. I read aloud while students follow along and/or eat their lunch, draw, etc. Google Meet links on the Wildwood Library Summer Reading Website

Happy READING! Susan Wells, WW Librarian,

2019-2020 Digital Yearbook Has Arrived!

Dear Wildwood Families:The Wildwood PGO is proud to present The 2019-2020 Wildwood Digital Yearbook. In this unprecedented time, we felt it important that our Wildwood students have the ability to reflect and reminisce about this school year.

Things to remember:

This is a protected website. Only people with ARPS email and specific viewing permission can view this website.For access and viewing permission, please fill out this Google Form.The Wildwood Yearbook is a parent-produced, all volunteer effort.  We had LIMITED access to PHOTOS. WE CANNOT PRINT a website. This is the only version of the yearbook this year. 

We hope you enjoy the 2019-2020 Wildwood Digital Yearbook! 

Jenny Haugsjaahabink and Susan Wells

Ceara Yahn → K-6 Art Teacher

Creates and Executes Surprise 6th Grade T-shirt Gifting

We are grateful to Ms. Ceara ‘s initiative and follow through to make special and punctuate the culmination of each student’s grammar school experience with the sentiment of togetherness for the

Wildwood ‘20 6th graders’ graduation,

through her contribution of organizing an unprecedented sixth grade graduation t-shirt project.

Ms. Yahn relayed that the student designed class surprise will be publicly revealed via WW social media once students have their shirts!

Here’s a peek:

This special gift undertaking has been brought to you by the Wildwood PGO

A Letter from the PGO

Dear Wildwood parent community, 

The mission of the Wildwood PGO has always been to provide equity and access to enhanced educational opportunities for all families in our community. We support and empathize with the experience of feeling many complex emotions at this difficult time. We know how hard it can be to have conversations with our children about the challenges facing this country, and especially the challenges that people of color face every day.  

The PGO is committed to working with educators in our schools to create opportunities for instruction and conversations that promote social justice. Our efforts must go deeper than ever before so that we can support and educate our children to be active members in improving our society. To this end, we pledge to continue our support of professional development efforts to help teachers grow in their learning about how to talk to children about racism and how to teach social justice. In addition, we will form a committee to gather resources for parents and guardians, which will support them at home as they have conversations about racism with their children.  

This committee will be planning programming for the fall to further support the Wildwood community.  If you are interested in serving on this committee, please email us at 

As our superintendent, Dr. Morris stated, “there are really no words for the deep grief we feel for our community and our nation.”   As we continue to live in isolation, let us not feel isolated. May we be here for one another. 

In solidarity,

The Wildwood PGO Leadership 

Virtual Multicultural Fair / End of Year Picnic – Wednesday June 17 at 5:30 PM

Nick will be sending out a link for the live stream event this week.  Please visit the Multicultural Fair website for details: contribute your Fashion Show photos by June 14 by filling out the form here . Sixth graders can submit their Virtual Dunk videos here by emailing Kathryn Runyan at


Nick enviará esta semana el enlace para asistir a la transmisión en vivo del evento.

Visite el sitio web de la Feria Multicultural para más detalles

Y, por favor, contribuya con sus fotos para el “Fashion Show” antes del 14 de Junio. Para enviar sus fotos, haga “click” aquí

Los alumnos de Sexto grado pueden enviar sus videos de “Virtual Dunk” por email a Katrhyn Runyan

Joint Statement from Town of Amherst Officials

We are haunted by the searing vision of a Minneapolis police officer kneeling on a subdued man’s neck, as other officers watched the man die. We witnessed Mr. George Floyd’s pleas for help be ignored by the very people who are trained to help and assist. We are haunted, too, by the knowledge that this was not an isolated incident in our country. The number of names and similar experiences is unconscionably long, and an undeniable part of the history of this nation.

First, we extend our collective condolences to Mr. Floyd’s family and friends and to all who grieve his death. We offer our thoughts to the countless members of our community who have been personally impacted as well.

Second, we condemn the actions of the police officers involved. The Amherst Town Manager, Police Chief, and School Superintendent have joined with the chair of the Human Rights Commission and the leadership of the Town’s two police unions – the Amherst Police Patrol Officers Union and Amherst Police Supervisors Union – to denounce in the strongest possible terms the actions and inactions by these police officers that resulted in Mr. Floyd’s death.

Third, we feel compelled to say affirmatively and with real compassion that violence like this is yet another blow to black and brown people—particularly African-American men—who too often are told by our culture that they do not matter. It confirms the lived experience of black men – nationwide and, yes, in our own community. This is a wrong that needs to be righted, and white Americans need to join those who have been carrying this burden and do the heaviest lifting to right it.

As public officials, this tragedy makes us reflect on our own practices, behavior, and attitudes. We question whether we are doing enough, are we vigilant enough, have we fostered a true culture of respect and honesty? We strive to remain ever thoughtful in our work – as public officials and police officers – to ensure that all members of our community feel part of Amherst and feel protected, listened to, and served by their public servants. We try to do this through training, listening, and learning, and by maintaining an attitude of humility and service.

As public officials, it is our duty to use our legal and moral authority to protect all members of our community no matter their race or color or where they fall on the power spectrum. It is our duty to foster a community free of fear, intimidation, and violence – a community in which people are not targeted or hurt unnecessarily by law enforcement – and provide equal protection under the law.

We know we can do better as a country to confront the systemic racism that has brought us to this place of fear and distrust. We can advocate for the criminal justice system to take a firm stand against officers who use excessive force. Those of us who are white can demonstrate that protecting and promoting the rights of black and brown people in our community is integral to securing the well-being of our entire community.

We know many of the young people in our community have seen this video and other similar news and are trying to process these traumatizing events with their families. However, the current public health situation makes it that much more difficult as they are unable to connect with friends, extended family, or school staff in-person. As such, Amherst Regional Public School counselors and Family Center staff will be available to support students in the coming days and weeks.

In the aftermath of this tragedy, we reaffirm our commitment to the larger goals of social justice and will focus on how we can deliver on the promise of good and fair public safety protection. Police and Town leadership will be meeting with community groups during the week. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions and are prepared to listen. We will work with our community leaders to determine the best ways for us to engage in this important mission as we continue to move forward.

Paul Bockelman, Town Manager

Scott Livingstone, Chief of Police

Dr. Michael Morris, Superintendent of Schools

Matthew Charity, Chair, Human Rights Commission

Amherst Police Patrol Officers Union

Amherst Police Supervisors Union

Contact: Amherst Town Manager’s Office | | (413) 259-3002

Declaración Conjunta del Pueblo de Amherst

31 de mayo de 2020

Nos atormenta la visión de un policía de Minneapolis arrodillado en el cuello de un hombre sometido, mientras otros oficiales lo veían morir. Fuimos testigos de las súplicas de ayuda del Sr. George Floyd, ignoradas por la misma gente que está entrenada para ayudar y asistir. También nos obsesiona el hecho de saber que este no fue un incidente aislado en nuestro país.  El número de nombres y experiencias similares es inconcebiblemente largo, y una parte innegable de la historia de esta nación.

Primero, extendemos nuestras condolencias colectivas a la familia y amigos del Sr. Floyd y a todos los que lloran su muerte.  Ofrecemos nuestros pensamientos a los innumerables miembros de nuestra comunidad que también han sido impactados personalmente.

Segundo, condenamos las acciones de los oficiales de policía involucrados.  El Director Municipal, el Jefe de Policía y el Superintendente de Escuelas se han unido al Presidente de la Comisión de Derechos Humanos y al liderazgo de los dos sindicatos de la policía del pueblo, el Sindicato de Oficiales de Patrulla de la Policía de Amherst y el Sindicato de Supervisores de la Policía de Amherst, para denunciar en los términos más enérgicos posibles las acciones e inacciones de estos oficiales de policía que resultaron en la muerte del Sr. Floyd.

En tercer lugar, nos sentimos obligados a decir afirmativamente y con verdadera compasión que la violencia como ésta es otro golpe a las personas de raza negra y morena, en particular a los hombres afroamericanos, a quienes nuestra cultura les dice con demasiada frecuencia que no importan.  Confirma la experiencia vivida por los hombres negros – a nivel nacional y, sí, en nuestra propia comunidad. Este es un error que debe ser corregido, y los estadounidenses blancos deben unirse a los que han estado llevando esta carga, y hacer el mayor esfuerzo para corregirlo.

Como funcionarios públicos, esta tragedia nos hace reflexionar sobre nuestras propias prácticas, comportamiento y actitudes. Nos preguntamos si estamos haciendo lo suficiente, si estamos lo suficientemente vigilantes, si hemos fomentado una verdadera cultura de respeto y honestidad.  Nos esforzamos por permanecer siempre atentos en nuestro trabajo – como funcionarios públicos y oficiales de la policía – para asegurar que todos los miembros de nuestra comunidad se sientan parte de Amherst y se sientan protegidos, escuchados y servidos por sus servidores públicos.  Procuramos hacer esto a través de la formación, la escucha y el aprendizaje, y manteniendo una actitud de humildad y servicio.  

Como funcionarios públicos, es nuestro deber usar nuestra autoridad legal y moral para proteger a todos los miembros de nuestra comunidad sin importar su raza o color o donde caigan en el espectro de poder.  Es nuestro deber fomentar una comunidad libre de miedo, intimidación y violencia – una comunidad en la que las personas no sean objeto de ataques o heridas innecesarias por parte de las fuerzas del orden – y proporcionar la misma protección bajo la ley.

Sabemos que podemos mejorar como país para enfrentar el racismo sistémico que nos ha traído a este lugar de miedo y desconfianza. Podemos abogar por que el sistema de justicia penal adopte una postura firme contra los agentes que utilizan una fuerza excesiva.  Los que somos blancos podemos demostrar que la protección y la promoción de los derechos de las personas negras y morenas en nuestra comunidad es integral para asegurar el bienestar de toda nuestra comunidad.

Sabemos que muchos de los jóvenes de nuestra comunidad han visto este video y otras noticias similares, y están tratando de procesar estos eventos traumáticos con sus familias. Sin embargo, la situación actual de la salud pública lo hace mucho más difícil, ya que no pueden conectarse con sus amigos, su familia extendida o el personal de la escuela en persona. Por ello, los consejeros de las Escuelas Públicas Regionales de Amherst y el personal del Centro de Familia estarán disponibles para apoyar a los estudiantes en los próximos días y semanas. 

Después de esta tragedia, reafirmamos nuestro compromiso con las metas más amplias de justicia social y nos centraremos en cómo podemos cumplir con la promesa de una protección de seguridad pública buena y justa. La policía y los líderes de la ciudad se reunirán con grupos de la comunidad durante la semana. Agradecemos sus pensamientos y sugerencias y estamos preparados para escuchar. Trabajaremos con los líderes de la comunidad para determinar la mejor manera de participar en esta importante misión a medida que continuamos avanzando.

Paul Bockelman, Director Municipal

Scott Livingstone, Jefe de Policía

Dr. Michael Morris, Superintendente de Escuelas

Matthew Charity, Presidente de la Comisión de Derechos Humanos

Sindicato de Oficiales de Patrulla de la Policía de Amherst

Sindicato de Supervisores de la Policía de Amherst

Free Crisis Counseling Available

Dear WW Families,

We wanted to let you know about a resource that has become available in response to the pandemic. MassSupport Network provides free community outreach and support services to youth and adults statewide. This “Crisis Counseling Program” is a partnership between the MA Department of Health and Riverside Trauma Center and is funded by the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA).

MassSupport Network’s services are free, confidential, and anonymous. Individuals of all ages and families will receive up-to-date factual information, emotional support, a variety of resources to meet both basic and higher level needs, coping strategies and more. The network has a diverse team of nine Western Mass-based outreach counselors and clinicians, solely dedicated to serving our region.

For schools, businesses and organizations, the network also offers consultations, group support, and psycho-educational presentations on a range of topics like common reactions to highly stressful events, helping children manage in hard times, stress management and others upon request. 

See attached descriptions in English and Spanish, and/or call 888-215-4920 for more information, or contact Amherst-based Outreach Counselor, Jen Matoney at 781-805-5679 (and parent of a Wildwood student).

If you need immediate assistance please, call the National Distress Helpline at 1-800-985-5990 or text TalkWithUs to 66746. For emotional support during this difficult time, you can also call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK or text the Crisis Text Line at 741741. Another excellent resource is Mass211 which offers a wide variety of support and referral services and can be reached within MA by dialing: 2-1-1.

Be Counted! Participate in the Census Today

Every 10 years, as mandated by the U.S. Constitution, the federal government undertakes a census of the U.S. population to determine the allocation of seats held by each state in the House of Representatives. An accurate census count is also vital to obtain federal funding for projects in Amherst and the region. 

Each home received an invitation to respond to a short questionnaire—online, by phone, or by mail—in March.

Why It Matters

Did you know?

  • Amherst is the 9th hardest city/town in Massachusetts to count.
  • Historically, the decennial census has undercounted immigrants, communities of color, renters, low-income people, and children. It’s about representation
  • Census totals will determine the number of congressional seats Massachusetts will have in the U.S. House of Representatives and the number of western MA representatives who will serve in the state Legislature.
  • Data will be used to redraw boundaries of congressional and state legislative districts.

It’s about $$.

  • $675 billion in federal funding, $16 billion for MA—$2,372 per person per year will be distributed based on the census count. If you are not counted, the town loses that money!
  • An undercount in Amherst will mean fewer dollars for public services like education, transportation, housing and health care

If you have not responded, there is still time to do so!

3 ways to participate:

The U.S. Census Bureau is a nonpartisan government agency. When you respond to the census, your answers are kept anonymous. They are used only to produce statistics. You will NOT be asked about your citizenship or your social security number, or for any financial information.

The U.S. Census Bureau is bound by law to protect your answers and keep them strictly confidential. The law ensures that your private information is never published and that your answers cannot be used against you by any government agency or court.

For more information, please visit

Information provided by the League of Women Voters- Amherst

#KidLit4BlackLives Rally

Kidlit and The Brown Bookshelf hosted a virtual rally for kids, families and educators. Over 15,000 people streamed it live last night. It was moving, beautiful, inspiring and hard to watch.  It is being  shared with you in the hopes that  you will take the time to watch it. Our students will recognize and enjoy learning from a truly inspiring group of people (in order of appearance):  Kwame Alexander (The Undefeated), Jacqueline Woodson (Brown Girl Dreaming, Locomotion, The Other Side, Each Kindness), Elizabeth Avecedo (Woke, The Poet X) and Gene Luen Yang (Secret Coders, American Born Chinese) and Derrick Barnes (Crown) – This list brings us to around minute 32.

Whether you preview first or watch with your children, it will provide opportunity for rich dialogue and discussion. 

Summer Reading Kickoff / Returning Library Books and Instruments

Dear WW Families:
You are invited to our Summer Reading Kick-Off and Author Visit with Natasha Lowe author of The Poppy Pendle Series:

Friday, June 12th @ 12:30 – 1 pm

Join with the GoogleMeet Link:
or by phone: (US) +1 708-888-1241‬ PIN: ‪713 163 373‬#

Join us to kick-off SUMMER READING (reading lists revealed) AND a visit from our favorite AUTHOR of the POPPY PENDLE series, NATASHA LOWE! All ages welcome. This series is best for students in 2nd grade and up.  It’s a great read aloud.

The Poppy Pendle Collection
The Poppy Pendle Collection

You are also invited to RETURN your Library Books and Instruments:

The ARPS Librarians and elementary Instrumental Music Teachers invite families to return their books and instruments*.  You may return your materials to ANY of the following sites. 

*If you are interested in keeping a school instrument over the summer, please contact your child’s band or orchestra teacher. 

IMPORTANT: You may return your books to ANY of the ARPS  schools.  

Drop-off will take place outside of the school building.  Please pull-up to the drop-off table. You must wear your mask and practice social distancing.  If there is a car ahead of your car, please wait in your car.  You should be able to drop off your materials and stay 6 feet from any other people at the drop-off site.

Wednesday,  June 10th12 – 3 pmCrocker Farm Elementary School
Thursday, June 11th9 am – 12 pmWildwood Elementary School
Friday, June 12th12 – 3 pmFort River Elementary School

Devolución de libros e instrumentos

Los bibliotecarios de ARPS y los maestros de música instrumental de primaria invitan a las familias a devolver sus libros e instrumentos*. Puede devolver sus materiales a CUALQUIERA de los siguientes sitios. 

* Si está interesado en mantener un instrumento escolar durante el verano, comuníquese con el maestro de orquesta o banda de su hijo/a. 

IMPORTANTE: Puede devolver sus libros a CUALQUIERA de las escuelas de ARPS.  

La entrega se llevará a cabo fuera del edificio de la escuela. Desplácese a la mesa de entrega. Debes usar su máscara y practicar el distanciamiento social. Si hay un automóvil delante de su automóvil, espere en su automóvil. Debería poder dejar sus materiales y mantenerse a 6 pies de cualquier otra persona en el sitio de entrega.

Miércoles, 10 de junio12 – 3 pmCrocker Farm Elementary School
Jueves, 11 de junio9 am – 12 pmWildwood Elementary School
Viernes, 12 de junio12 – 3 pmFort River Elementary School

The content of this message can also be read in this PDF.
Hope to “see” you soon! 🙂

Susan Wells

Reminder: Kindergarten registration is now open.

Dear Families, 

This is a reminder to our town and school community that Kindergarten registration is now open. Parents should register their children for kindergarten as soon as possible to assist schools in planning for next year. Registration can be completed online at

Thank you! 

Queridas familias, 

Esto es un recordatorio para nuestro pueblo y la comunidad escolar de que la matrícula de Kindergarten sigue abierta. Los padres deben matricular a sus hijos en kindergarten tan pronto como sea posible para ayudar a las escuelas en la planificación del próximo año. La matrícula puede ser completada en línea en


Wildwood 2019-2020 Digital Yearbook!

Dear WW families:

Today, Jenny and I are writing to you as volunteers.  We are working together to create a Wildwood 2019-2020 digital yearbook* for our students! We are working hard to provide the joy the yearbook brings to our students during this difficult time. The WW yearbook will not be a print yearbook like in past years, but rather a digital copy. *The yearbook website is* a protected website. It is only available to viewers with an account. All Wildwood students automatically have access through their ARPS account.We are offering families the opportunity to request access through an additional email CLICK THIS LINK to complete the request form – it must be a gmail account. (Google form link also available below)We ask that you only request access from one email account. We will have to input the email addresses manually so please understand.

No requests to access the yearbook will be honored after June 5th, SO ACT NOW.

You can also contact us with questions: or

Susan Wells (mom to Lewis, 3rd grade) and Jenny Haugsjaahabink (mom to Meghan, 6th grade and Annie, 4th grade)

 Family Access to Wildwood Yearbook 2020