#GIVINGTUESDAY @ Wildwood, Donate now thru Dec. 1

help-share-donate-give-back1We have a day for giving thanks. We have two for getting deals. Now, we have #GivingTuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back. On Tuesday, December 1, 2015, the Wildwood community will come together for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give back to our school.

This is Wildwood’s first year participating in #GivingTuesday. Donate anytime, any amount through Dec 1, and encourage friends and family to do the same through your social media networks. All funds raised will go directly to supporting Wildwood’s PGO to ensure we can continue to fulfill our important mission.


Passive Fundraisers:  easy ways to help raise money for Wildwood (earn money while you shop!)

Online Shopping through Goodshop
Includes over 2,500 online stores, including many national retailers like Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, and LLBean.  Stores will donate up to 5% or more of purchases to Wildwood.
This has the potential to be our biggest money maker if everyone participates!  You register yourself for a free account and designate Wildwood Elementary to be the recipient).  Then when you shop, you click on, and then on to your favorite store, and a 1-5% rebate will be credited to Wildwood for everything you purchase!
There is also a Goodsearch link, but we DO NOT recommend installing the toolbar, as it slows down your computer.  Wildwood would only get a penny everytime you used their search engine.

Stop & Shopʼs A+ School Rewards Program
Use your Stop & Shop card and Wildwood earns a percentage! It’s never too late to sign up! However, for Wildwood to receive credit you need to re-designate Wildwood each year. Call 1-877-366-2668 or visit Wildwood ID # 05168. Remember, even if you registered your card last year, you must re-register this year for our school to receive credit.   And, if you sign up anytime in any month during the program, ALL your purchases for that month will be counted!  Please encourage your friends and relatives to designate Wildwood. Last year, we earned $1637!

Box Tops for Education
Look for the Box Tops logo on products you already have in the cupboard, cut it out and deliver your box tops to the school’s main office. For each Box Top clipped the school receives 10 cents.  Last year, we earned $650!
Box Tops Due Date:  Tuesday October 1, 2013  (Next collection will be in  Spring 2014)

Target Take Charge of Education
If you have a Target REDcard (credit card), you can designate Wildwood to receive up to 1% of the value of your purchases on the card. Go to to designate Wildwood (School ID #58647).  Last year, we earned $917 from 51 shoppers!

Atkins Farms Country Market
Show your Atkins card at checkout whenever you shop at Atkins Farms Country Market, and they will donate a percentage of your purchase to Wildwood.  There is an expiration date on the card, which is the date that youngest child graduates from Wildwood.  If you need a card, email or pick one up from the PGO mailbox (green business cards in the mail bin UNDER the staff mailboxes).

Big Y Education Express
Use your Big Y Express Savings Club card and Wildwood earns points for buying much needed equipment and supplies! Just visit the Big Y customer service desk and fill out a form that will link Wildwood with your card.  Or go to and sign up from your computer! Whenever you use your card to purchase items designated with the “Education Express” logo, youʼll earn points for our school.

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