Open PGO Positions

PGO Core Leadership Positions Needed for 2021-2022 School Year 

No experience is required for any of these positions.  Please fill out this volunteer form. Email if you have specific questions. 

Volunteer Outreach Coordinator- NEEDED

  • attend PGO core monthly meetings.
  • create, distribute, and collect a recruiting flyer at the beginning of the school year
  • maintain a database of volunteers throughout the school year, which includes contacting the librarians and art teacher to get a list of regular volunteers. (NOTE: often people reach out to the librarians or the art teacher directly)
  • contact and recruit volunteers, as needed, for tasks based on preference. 
  • should be comfortable contacting people by email, phone or text (according to their preferences)
  • Create and manage a committee to help if needed. 

Other PGO Roles Needed: 

Real World Experiences Coordinator–NEEDED

  • Create a system for connecting teachers to community organizations and parent volunteers to bring real-world experiences that are connected to curriculum. 
  • Possibly develop a committee for helping with this work. 

Website Coordinator–NEEDED

  • Update old content 
  • Maintain broken links 
  •  Add new content from semi-regular newsletter / store information on past events and mini grants that we can use to talk up the PGO to new wildwood community members

Blog Content Providers-NEEDED  

  • Write blurbs for the blog / newsletter/social media as directed to by the communications chair

The following are a list of the other positions on the core leadership that are currently filled for the 2020-21 School Year: 


Works with the WW principal and office to determine date and times for upcoming school and PGO events.  

  • Sets agenda for and attends/leads “Core” PGO leadership meetings (these meetings often address issues that come up throughout the year).
  • Attends district meetings a few times a year with other schools’ PGOs and Superintendent. Works with other PGOs on district-wide initiatives.
  • Works with core leadership, especially Volunteer Coordinator,  to make sure upcoming events are on the radar and are delegated to event volunteer coordinators. 
  • Works as liaison to the office and the parent community to make sure there is clear communication.
  • Creates vision for the PGO and works with other Core leadership to implement vision. 
  • Commits to serving for 1.5-2 years–stagger so there is always one chair left to train another co-chair. 
  • Time Commitment: 4-8 hours a month.


  • Takes minutes at all PGO meetings – Core (monthly) and School-wide (~4/year)
  • Sends minutes out via email for approval.
  • Posts minutes on PGO website.
  • Time Commitment: 2-4 hours/month


  • Maintains budget using Quickbooks
  • Tracks expenditures and income 
  • Manages teacher minigrant and discretionary fund distribution
  • Works with main office on expenses and principal discretionary fund
  • Processes reimbursement for PGO expenses via bank and PGO checks
  • Attends PGO Leadership Meetings monthly
  • Time commitment – 3-5 hours a month

Fundraising Coordinator–NEEDED

  • Advertises and maintains passive fundraising (Stop and Shop, Atkins, AmazonSmile, Boxtops, Baystate Textiles).
  • Coordinates, or manages volunteers to coordinate, two major online and brown envelope fundraisers – Valley Gives (December) and Wildwood Gives (May).
  • Helps brainstorm new streams of revenue. 
  • Time Commitment: In general 2-4 hours/ month; more during Dec. and May.

Blogger /Communication Team–NEEDED

We could use someone who could “intern” this year with this team to take it on next year 

  • Oversees the wildwoodpgo email inbox and forwards/acts on emails as appropriate  ( this may be a role the chair wants to take on/share)
  • Posts email blasts when directed by the communications chair / Core PGO team
  • Posts weekly blog based on content from the communications chair, advertiser events and appropriate free community events that come through OR posts semi-regular email blast newsletters based on content provided by the communications chair
  • Post to social media based on  based on content from the communications chair, advertiser events and appropriate free community events that come through

Communications Coordinator–FILLED 

  • Attend monthly leadership meetings 
  • Strategize with principal about how to make communication stronger throughout school. 
  • Work with principal to make communication from the office more consistent (e.g. hly newsletter)
  • Work with Blog Coordinator to get information to parents.
  • Lead the communication side of important events and fundraisers   – work with Nick/Core PGO/other relevant wildwood community members on flyers, email text, communication plan (e.g., what, when, and how frequently). Pass on final information to the blogger/communication team to execute. 
  • Work closely with the treasurer/fundraising team to cultivate advertising relationships with local businesses/organizations, and ensure we are posting their content on our blog/newsletter
  • Develop ideas for blog/newsletter content from recaps of events, overviews of mini-grant projects, etc. Delegate the write ups, edit, and send final versions to the blogger/communication team to execute.
  • Determine what social media platform(s) – if any – we should be using and how we should keep them up
  • Help the blogger/communication team understand the “rules” of the blog (and social media) and be point person when a question comes up about whether something is appropriate to post 

Class Parent Coordinator–NEEDED

  • Create a system to connect core PGO with class parents
  • Recruit and assign class parents for each classroom
  • Make initial connection between class parent and teacher
  • Inform class parents of resources for teachers
  • Email class parents regularly regarding events, fundraising, teacher gifts
  • Assist class parents in finding volunteers for events
  • Assist in coordinating grade potlucks
  • Pass along information from core PGO to class parents
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