Support the PGO

Your donation supports the Wildwood Community. THANK YOU.

This year, your donation is supporting:

  • Staff minigrants (including an inclusive art program, run by Ms. Ceara and Ms. Worgess, a yoga program run by Ms. Heard, and more!)
  • Food and childcare at community events
  • The Teacher Discretionary Fund, which provides classroom teachers funds for their class, pull-out teachers and specials teachers with funds to support their students, to be spent however the teacher decides
  • Visiting Artist Grants
  • Funds for Science Night, Math Night, and the Multicultural Night
  • Refreshments for New Families Night
  • $250 to the ARHS Scholarship Fund
  • Field trips
  • And so much more!

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Send in a check made out to the PGO:

Wildwood PGO
71 Strong Street
Amherst, MA 01002

attn: Laura Melbin

If you wish your donation to go to a particular program, please let Laura know.

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