Wildwood/ARPS Important Dates


Welcome Wildwood STARS

  • May 2: Valley Gives Day & Brown Envelope Fundraiser
  • May 2: Amherst-Pelham Regional School Committee Meeting, 6:30PM – 7:30PM
  • May 9: Amherst School Committee Meeting, 6:00PM – 7:30PM
  • June 5: Band/Orchestra Concert, 6:30pm
  • June 8: Multicultural Fair, Wildwood School
  • June 21: Sixth Grade Graduation
  • June 22: Last Day of School

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Front Office/ PGO Requests

  • The Wildwood Multicultural Fair is looking for school community members willing to showcase their talents while sharing their cultural heritage. Are you or your child interested in performing for our community event? Please email: wildwoodelementarypgo@gmail.com

MCAS Testing Dates

MCAS testing has begun. Remaining test dates include:

ELA MCAS remaining dates are as follows: Grade 6 on April 28 and May 2.

Math MCAS dates are as follows: Grade 5–May 11, 12, Grade 6–May 18,19 Grades 3 and 4–May 23,24. The fifth grade also has MCAS Science tests on May 16 and 17.

Valley Gives & Brown Envelope Fundraiser, May 2

The 4th annual Valley Gives Day is THIS WEEK!  [ADD VG LOGO and a PHOTO]

This 24-hour online giving day allows people throughout the Pioneer Valley and beyond to support hundreds of local nonprofits, including our very own Wildwood School. Don’t delay, support Wildwood PGO today!

Donate via brown envelope or online at: https://valley-gives.org/designee/wildwood-parent-guardian-organization

With your help the PGO can continue to support our students in ways that are as diverse as the population we serve. We strive to ensure that all children have what they need to thrive while also providing our amazing educators with basic tools for their classrooms. With your help the PGO can continue to support our students in ways that are as diverse as the population we serve. But we can’t do it without you! Check it out:

  • $850 ensures every 6th Grade student can participate in the Morse Hill field trip
  • $700 pays for a visiting author
  • $500 supports Art room clay supplies for the year
  • $200 will pay for a Sewing Machine for the Art Room
  • $125 supports a Staff Appreciation Breakfast
  • $120 buys Soil Testing probes for a 2nd Grade Soil Investigation science unit
  • $100 Pays for Moby Max curriculum software licenses for 5th Graders
  • $100 Can assist the school to submit mini grants for unique learning opportunities for children
  • $50 Will help every child to attend class field trips in the community
  • $20 Contributes to teacher classroom supplies so all children have access to pencils and paper
  • $10 helps to ensure that each child can have a snack every day

Our school will be stronger with help from you. Please donate what you can today and dig deep this spring. Thank you!

MCAS Testing Dates

MCAS testing has begun.

Grades 3 and 4 have their ELA MCAS on April 25, 26 and 27. Grade 6 will take their ELA MCAS on April 28 and May 2. Grade 5 tested on April 4-6.

Math MCAS dates are as follows: Grade 5–May 11, 12, Grade 6–May 18,19 Grades 3 and 4–May 23,24. The fifth grade also has MCAS Science tests on May 16 and 17.

Family Math Night – April 6, 2017

Wildwood Elementary School Presents a Title 1 and PGO sponsored school-wide math event.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

5:45-7:30 pm*

“Play and Take” Math Games

Pizza dinner in the cafeteria: 5:45-6:15

Math games in rooms around school: 6:15-7:15

Grand prize raffle in the cafeteria: 7:15-7:30

*Buses will pick up at entrance (and drop off after the event):

Boulders @ 5:15,   North Village @ 5:25,   Village Park @ 5:35,    Olympia Oaks @ 5:40

Please RSVP for the event.

View English Flyer

View Spanish Flyer

SEPAC Meeting 3/20

Please consider attending an informal meeting to connect with others. A light dinner will be provided, so an RSVP would be helpful! 
When:  Monday, March 20th 6:00pm-7:00pm
Where:  Amherst Regional Middle School, Professional Development Room
From 6:00 pm-6:30 pm:  We will have an opportunity to connect with some candidates running for school committee.
From 6:30 pm-7:00 pm:  We will continue to explore ways we can support each other in the community.  Dr. Brady and SEPAC board will also be in attendance.
Again, please RSVP if possible to sepac@arps.org or 413-687-4255.

Invitación de la Junta Consultiva de Padres de Educación Especial

Por favor, considere asistir a una reunión informal para conectar con los demás. Se ofrecerá una cena ligera, por lo que una confirmación de su asistencia sería de gran ayuda!

Cuándo: Lunes, 20 de marzo 6:00 pm-7:00 pm
Dónde: Amherst Regional Middle School, Salón de Desarrollo Profesional

De 6:00 pm -6:30 pm: Tendremos la oportunidad de conectar con algunos candidatos que corren para el Comité Escolar.

De 6:30 pm-7:00 pm: Continuaremos explorando maneras en que podemos apoyarnos mutuamente en la comunidad. El Dr. Brady y la junta de SEPAC también estarán presentes.

Una vez más, por favor confirme su asistencia si es posible sepac@arps.org o 413-687-4255.

Town Meeting School Vote (1/30)

On Monday, January 30 at 7pm, the Amherst Town Meeting will vote on Article 1. Petition “Bond Authorization for Co-located Elementary School Project on Wildwood site
To see if the Town of Amherst will appropriate, transfer from available funds and/or borrow $66,369,000 to be expended under the direction of the School Building Committee to construct, originally equip and furnish two co-located elementary schools on the Wildwood site to educate all Amherst students in grades 2-6, including the cost of architectural design, project management and other incidental and related costs, as well as demolition of the existing building and other necessary site improvements, which school facility shall have an anticipated useful life as an educational facility for the instruction of school children of at least 50 years, and for which the Town may be eligible for a School construction grant from the Massachusetts School Building Authority (“MSBA”), and to meet this appropriation, the Treasurer, with the approval of the Select Board, is authorized to borrow said amount under and pursuant to Chapter 44, Section 7(1) of the Massachusetts General Laws or pursuant to any other enabling authority, and to issue bonds or notes of the Town therefor. The MSBA’s grant program is a non-entitlement, discretionary program based on need, as determined by the MSBA, and any project costs the Town incurs in excess of any grant approved by and received from the MSBA shall be the sole responsibility of the Town. Any grant that the Town of Amherst may receive from the MSBA for the Project shall not exceed the lessor of (1) 68.34 percent (%) of eligible, approved project costs, as determined by the MSBA, or (2) the total maximum grant amount determined by the MSBA
Certified petitions and statements are available on the Town Meeting’s website: http://www.amherstma.gov/790/Town-Meeting

Superintendent Search Survey (deadline extended to 1/30)

NOTE: The deadline to complete the survey has been extended to Monday, January 30 at 12 Noon.

FROM: Eric Nakajima, Chair of the Amherst-Pelham Regional School Committee and Anastasia Ordonez, Chair of the Union 26 School Committee

RE: Survey Regarding Superintendent Search

The Amherst, Pelham and Amherst-Pelham Regional Schools are in the process of seeking a permanent Superintendent of Schools to serve our communities.  A contractor, Ray and Associates, Inc., will support this process and conduct the national search.  Feedback from all stakeholder groups is essential to ensure we invite candidates who reflect the qualities and characteristics most valued by our communities.

Community members are invited to complete the online survey available here.  Results of the survey will be compiled by Ray and Associates, Inc. and shared with the Amherst-Pelham Regional and Union 26 School Committees.

 DE: Eric Nakajima, Presidente del Comité Escolar Regional de Amherst-Pelham y Anastasia Ordóñez, Presidenta del Comité Escolar de la Unión 26

RE: Encuesta sobre la búsqueda del superintendente

Las Escuelas Regionales de Amherst, Pelham y Amherst-Pelham están en proceso de buscar un Superintendente de Escuelas Permanente para servir a nuestras comunidades. Un contratista, Ray and Associates, Inc., apoyará este proceso y llevar a cabo la búsqueda a nivel nacional. La retroalimentación de todos los grupos de interesados es esencial para asegurar que invitamos a candidatos que reflejen las cualidades y características más valoradas por nuestras comunidades.

Los miembros de la comunidad están invitados a completar la encuesta en línea disponible aquí. Los resultados de la encuesta serán compilados por Ray and Associates, Inc. y compartidos con los Comités Regionales de Amherst-Pelham y Unión 26. La fecha límite para completar la encuesta es 12:00 p.m. el lunes, 30 de enero de 2017.

Slides from PGO Meeting 1/18/17

Slides from the from PGO Meeting 1/18/17

What does PGO money fund?

  • Nick’s Fund” – $4,000 earmarked for use at Nick’s discretion, to support teachers and kids. $1,744 spent so far.
  • Staff Stipends – $50 to each teacher in October.
  • Staff Mini-Grants – $250 to para-educator to coach for 5th & 6th Grade chorus concert. $750 remaining for other applicants.
  • Visiting Artists – $700 allocated for author to work with K-2
  • Art Supplies – $500 to art teacher for clay and other supplies
  • Community Building Events – $492 on food/drinks for New Family Welcome, staff breakfast, kindergarten coffee & PGO meetings
  • Staff Appreciation – $194 spent so far
  • Movie Night – Cost $118
  • Community Needs – $100 for families in need on Thanksgiving
  • Childcare at Meetings – $76 so far

PGO Budget—Latest news 

  • Giving Tuesday/Brown Envelope Fundraiser was hugely successful!  Brown Envelope raised $2,989, online giving was $1,377.  More than twice our goal.  Thank You to all our generous donors!
    • School Photos raised $1,847
  • Core team met with Principal Nick & Joyce Gooden to discuss Budget:
    • Reduced projected shortfall to an acceptable $5665
    • PGO has agreed to grant Susan Wells $700 for a Visiting Author to work with K-2.  Grades 3-6 had Molly Burnham come last week, paid for by a grant secured by Susan.
    • $750 still available for teacher Mini-Grants.  PGO will invite applications shortly.
    • 6th grade team to consider fundraising for CT Science Center field trip. Trip cost will be on sign-up form so parents can give >$15, if desired. PGO will cover the balance.
    • All field trip contributions will go to Joyce and not the PGO per District guidelines.
    • Joyce secured funds for Black History Month events so will not need PGO money.
    • PGO will make a significant contribution to the “Wildwood Principal’s Gift Fund” in lieu of earmarking a portion of the PGO money for Nick’s use. 

Upcoming Events and Volunteer Opportunities

  • New Family Welcome Packet – Printing/compiling folders
  • Black History Month (Feb) – help with organization
  • Math Night (3/23) – assist Elizabeth Pretel with organization
  • Literacy Night (TBA) – work with literacy specialists to organize
  • Valley Gives Day/Brown Envelope (5/3) – advance publicity for “Valley Gives” Brown Envelope/Online giving event in the spring
  • Multicultural Fair (5/18) – Co-organizer and many helpers

Class  Parents Network

  • Building Community within the Classroom/Grade
  • Creating a Volunteer Network
  • Break into two groups and Brainstorm

PGO Informational Night/ Student Presentation, Jan. 18th 5:45-7:30pm


All Wildwood families are warmly invited to our next PGO evening, on January 18th in the Library. This year we have included special presentations by our students as part of every PGO meeting. In this way, you get to meet other parents, learn about ways that you can participate in upcoming events, and hear from our students themselves. Students will be sharing how they are ‘leading their own learning’ at Wildwood! Come hear how students are assessing their own learning in a variety of ways.

That Volunteer Opportunity May Require a Background Check

We welcome all talents and abilities! To learn more about fun, unique and exciting volunteer opportunities at Wildwood, visit our Volunteering and Contributing page

CORI Background Check: If school or PGO volunteer opportunities bring you into contact with students at Wildwood ES or on a field trip, you must have a CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) check on file. This includes all field trip chaperones and classroom volunteers (e.g. grandparents, aunts & uncles, adult siblings). CORI checks must be done on individual volunteers every three years and are valid for all schools within our district. If you would like to check to see if you are current on your CORI status, please call Sasha in the Central Office at 362-1810.

To request a CORI check, bring your current driver’s license into the Main Office at Wildwood or to the district’s Central Office (located at the middle school) for photocopying and complete the required application well in advance of any volunteer obligations. Questions about the CORI process can be directed to the Wildwood Main Office or Sasha in the Central Office.

Fond Farewell to Georgia Malcolm

On Friday, Jan. 6, students and staff celebrated Georgia Malcolm’s final day at the Wildwood School. For years, Georgia has been a helpful and face in the school’s front office and corridors. She is transferring to Pelham Elementary School and says, “the position is a great opportunity both professionally and for my family.”  Georgia promises to not wander too far and will return for visits. Students had an opportunity to say farewell at today’s assembly. Should you wish to reach her, email: malcolmg@arps.com. Maria Torres is her replacement.

2nd Annual Library Book Swap, Dec. 5-9

THE 2ND ANNUAL BOOK SWAP in the Wildwood School Library
The Book Swap – December 5th-9th

EVERY STUDENT takes home at least 1 new–to-you book.

All books left after the swap will be donated to Square One a Springfield based charity.

Do you have a large quantity to donate or do you have questions? Contact Susan Wells wellss@arps.org 413-362-1424


View Book Swap Poster

Education, The Gift that Keeps Giving! Donate now thru Nov. 29


#GivingTuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving (in the U.S.) and the widely recognized shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable season, when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving.

One of the best ways to get involved is in your own community. Today, consider making a gift to Wildwood PGO. Your generosity will help support equity and enrichment at Wildwood. The funds we raise provide curriculum-enhancing opportunities for our children, and support dedicated staff.

Last year, the PGO ensured every child went on every field trip. We funded the Library, Art, clubs, the Multicultural Fair, Family Movie Night and much, much more!

  • Know a special teacher? Make a donation in his/her/them/they’s name.
  • And please share this announcement widely with friends, relatives (especially grandparents and grand friends)!

View Flyer (featuring photos from Daily Hampshire Gazette)

Wildwood PGO Calendar of Events

The PGO’s mission of building community and creating opportunity depends on the generosity of families, staff, and the larger community. Download a schedule of main events and fundraisers for the 2016/17 year: ww-pgo-calendar-of-events-and-fundraisers-2016-2017

(Postponed…) Walk to School Day

(This has been postponed to avoid conflicting with Picture Day)



date:  to be determined 

Dear Wildwood Parents and Guardians,

Your school is participating in Safe Routes to School, a program offered by MassRIDES, the Commonwealth’s travel options service of the Executive Office of Transportation. The Safe Routes to School program aims to reduce congestion, air pollution, and traffic congestion near participating schools, while increasing the health, safety, and physical activity of elementary and middle school students.

Our first activity this year will be to celebrate International Walk to School Day on <date to be determined>.   Each October, millions of children, parents, teachers and community leaders across the globe walk to school to celebrate International Walk to School Day.

This year we will walk as a community to school starting at Bertucci’s Restaurant on the corner of East Pleasant and Triangle Streets.  We hope that as many children in the Wildwood Community can participate as possible with their parents and guardians.  Parents/guardians may park in the Bertucci’s lot for the walk.   All the children, regardless of whether they walk from Bertucci’s, will participate in Walk to School Day by walking at school on Tuesday.

Children need to be pre-registered for this walk from Bertucci’s so please return the attached form to your child’s teacher no later than Friday, September 30th.   We will meet at Bertucci’s at 7:50am the morning of the walk.  We will depart from Bertucci’s promptly at 8am. 

To find out more about the event please contact: Jen Mendelsohn at njmendel@gmail.com.


Nick Yaffe, The Safe Routes to School Committee and the Wildwood PGO