PGO activities

EVENTS Are you an event planner extraordinare?  Or maybe you just really love a particular event, and want to see it get even better?  We have a slew of exciting school events that you can get involved with.

  • Welcome back staff breakfast, just before school starts; needs to be organized August / September
  • Kindergarten Coffee (first day of kindergarten, to welcome new parents)
  • New Family Welcome Gathering – Late August.   Connect new families with families in each grade, and particularly kindergarten families with first grade families.
  • First Day Coffee — First day of school
  • Summer Read-a-Thon Fall Celebration (September / October)
  • Walk to School Day (early October)
  • Open House / Curriculum Night (early October)
  • Winter Clothing Swap (November / December)
  • Staff Holiday Breakfast (December)
  • Spring Book Swap
  • Math Night (March)
  • Field Day (April / May)
  • Movie Nights (periodic)
  • Multicultural Fair (May)
  • 6th Grade Cabaret (May)
  • Bus Driver Appreciation Breakfast (May)
  • End of Year School Picnic (June)
  • Staff Appreciation Tea or Lunch (June)

COMMUNITY  Do you love the Wildwood community, and want to help new families and staff feel appreciated?  We do too, which is why we really work hard to make everyone feel welcomed and appreciated.

  • New Family Welcome Packet
  • Support for Teachers & Staff
    • Mini Grants — Applications Due in October
    • Coordinating Numerous Staff Appreciation Events (see Events)
    • Winter Holiday Gifts (coordinated by class parents)
    • Retirement & Appreciation Gifts (end of school year)

MONEY Are you a genius with money?  Extroverted and good at knocking on doors?  Grant-writing experience?  Good at accounting and keeping track?  Join us for Fun Fundraising! (and spending money)

  • Treasurer
  • Passive Fundraising Initiatives — Set up and get parents on board in September.
    • Target Red Card Take Charge of Education
    • Stop & Shop “Bonus Bucks”
    • Atkins Shopping Cards
  • Grant Writing — Massachusetts Cultural Council, for field trips, visiting artists, etc.  Deadline October 15.
  • GoodShop (Fall & just before holiday season)
  • Sell ads for Wildwood school directory (see PGO Communications Team)
  • Box Tops (February & March)
  • Valley Gives Fundraiser (Spring)
  • Brown Envelope Fundraiser (March & April)
  • Yearbook Ads (May / June)
  • Wildwood T-Shirt sales (May / June)

The spending side is also fun:

  • Staff & Teacher Mini Grants — Applications Due in October

SCHOOL ACTIVITIES Can’t get enough of hanging with the kids?  We help coordinate numerous volunteer opportunities for school activities.  (You may need to do background / CORI check depending on the activity.)

  • School Photos (Fall)
  • Library
  • Arts
  • Class Parent
  • Read-a-Thon
  • School Yearbook (May/June)
    • See Fundraising for Selling ads for School Yearbook
  • Summer Read-a-Thon
    • Distribute packets in late Spring
    • Fall Read-a-Thon Celebration

EXECUTIVE Do you love being in the beating heart of the organization?  Join the PGO “executive action committee”: 

  • Officers
  • Set the Budget — Fall.
  • Class Parent Coordinator
  • Represent Wildwood at District all-PGO meetings, monthly throughout the year
  • Liaison between the PGO and the School Governance Council (SGC) (monthly meetings for SGC, and reporting back & forth between the two groups)

COMMUNICATIONS Like to get the word out?  Join the PGO’s Communications Team: 

  • Join the Communications Team:
  • Communications liaison with Principal Nick, to help with the Wildwood Window newsletter and other initiatives
  • Updating the blog
  • Extending blog posts and announcements to Facebook, Twitter, text, phone, & print mail as needed
  • Manage the mailchimp account
  • Manage other tech-related concerns for the PGO
  • Interface with Wildwood & ARPS about school & ARPS website content
  • Check the email account
  • Wildwood Class Directory.  (Set up in early Fall)
    • Coordinate class parents to get permission & contact information. (Online form is helpful but not sufficient.)
    • Sell ads for the directory
    • Assemble & format the directory
    • Print & delivery

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