Wildwood PGO

Who We Are

The Wildwood Parent Guardian Organization is comprised of volunteers who donate their time and talent to enrich the school. Our mission is to support community building, enrichment and equity for all children at Wildwood Elementary School. To fulfill that mission we strive to support teachers and staff so that they in turn can provide the best elementary school experience for all students.


The Leadership Committee

The Leadership Committee works closely together throughout the year to keep the organization running smoothly. Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or comments: we welcome your input and your involvement.

For 2016-2017 we are:

  • Co-Chairs: Heather Welch
  • Secretary: Jasper Lieber
  • Treasurer: Toni Cunningham
  • PGO-SGC Liaison: Kerry Crosby
  • PGO-Teacher Liaison: Victoria Munroe
  • Communications Team: Laura Quilter, Shay Charvis, Victor Nuñez Ortiz, Yasmin Eisenhauer
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Jen Mendelsohn
  • Class Parent Coordinator: Becky Gahan
  • Box Top Coordinator: Michelle Borkhuis
  • Teacher Wishlist: Jasper Lieber
  • Yearbook: *Volunteer Needed* (2015 was Susan Rupp’s last year)

We have established coordinator positions to help classrooms run more smoothly.

    • Jen Mendelsohn is Hour Power Coordinator. At the core of our ability to do what we do is a group of more than 130 parents who volunteer when their schedules allow. Please join the Hour Power List.
    • Becky Gahan is the 2016 Class Parent Coordinator. Please contact Becky or us if you are interested in becoming a class parent, or with any questions about your role as one.

Vacant Positions: Brown Envelope Coordinator, Fundraising Coordinator, Passive Fundraiser Coordinator, and Multicultural Fair Coordinator.

PGO Positions:  In early 2016, we created a list of positions on this document.

PGO Tasks & Events:  In early 2016, we created a list of events & tasks on this document

PGO Email Lists:

As of Sept 2016, there are two email groups for PGO related emails.  They are as follows:

What We Do

The Wildwood PGO plans and executes fundraising events throughout the school year, in addition to “passive fundraising” ways of generating money for the school, and then gives back to the school in the form of grants for teachers, funding for field trips, and bridges for budget gaps. The PGO also organizes community building events, such as The Multi-Cultural Fair in the spring, the staff appreciation luncheon and visiting artists hosting.

How You Can Contribute

      • You can find are a few ways to help us earn for Wildwood with passive fundraisers (at no cost to you) at this page
      • Please visit the Wildwood PGO Store, where you can submit your orders for Deans Beans Coffee and other fundraisers, place orders for yearbooks and T-shirts and purchase the all-time favorite Amherstopoly game!
      • Donations are always welcome! You can donate online through this link.

How to Contact Us

You can contact a coordinator via email at: wildwoodelementarypgo@gmail.com
You can send email the pgo group list at: wildwood-pgo@googlegroups.com