PGO Welcomes YOU

Did you know that YOU are the PGO?
Wildwood Elementary School is a wonderful community with vibrant parent/guardian involvement. The Wildwood Parent Guardian Organization (PGO) is a group of volunteer parents/guardians whose mission is to build a strong community among parents, guardians, and staff, supply academic enrichment opportunities, and promote equity for all children. We have managed to achieve this mission despite the challenges to our community that the ongoing pandemic brings. A great example was last year’s  Library Backpack project.  Thank you to the numerous donors and drivers and volunteers who made it happen!  This year, we will need to get even more creative to meet the moment. We can use your help to ensure the best experience for the school despite our current constraints. Please sign up here to help us maintain our community in these challenging times.

Christine Lindstrom & Nina Mankin, WW PGO co-chairs 21-22

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