PGO CORE positions needed 2021-2022

The Wildwood Parent Guardian Organization (PGO) works to support teachers and staff so that they can provide the best elementary school experience for all students, and supports community building (Click here if you want to know more about what we do!).

WE NEED YOUR HELP. We need volunteers to join the PGO Leadership Committee (or PGO Core) to keep the organization running smoothly throughout the school year.

Please join the core group. Please fill out this form* or email us at if you are interested in serving any of these positions. No experience is required for any of these positions.  

PGO Core Leadership Positions Needed for the 2021-2022 Team 

Co-Chair (one)

Two co-chairs work with the WW principal and office to determine date and times for upcoming school and PGO events.  Co-chairs duties:

  • Set the agenda for and attends/leads “Core” PGO leadership meetings (these meetings often address issues that come up throughout the year).
  • Attend district meetings a few times a year with other schools’ PGOs and Superintendent. Work with other PGOs on district-wide initiatives.
  • Work with core leadership team members to make sure upcoming events are on the radar and are delegated to event volunteer coordinators. 
  • Work as liaison to the office and the parent community to make sure there is clear communication.
  • Create vision for the PGO and work with other Core leadership to implement vision. 
  • Commit to serving for 1.5-2 years–staggered so there is always one chair left to train another co-chair. 
  • Time Commitment: ~4-8 hs/month.

Website Coordinator and Blogger.


  • Maintain and update website as necessary
  • Add new content from semi-regular newsletter/store information on past events and mini grants that we can use to talk up the PGO to new wildwood community members
  • Oversee the WW PGO’s email inbox and forward/act on emails as appropriate
  • Post email blasts when directed by the communications chair and other Core PGO team members.
  • Post to weekly blog based on content from the communications chair, advertiser events and appropriate free community events that come through OR post semi-regular email blast newsletters based on content provided by the communications chair/Core PGO team members.
  • Post to social media based on content from the communications chair, advertiser events and appropriate free community events that come through (TBD)
  • Time Commitment: ~4 hs/month

Volunteer Outreach Coordinator.


  • Attend PGO core monthly meetings.
  • Create, distribute, and collect a recruiting flyer at the beginning of the school year
  • Maintain a database of volunteers throughout the school year, which includes contacting the librarians and art teacher to get a list of regular volunteers. (NOTE: often people reach out to the librarians or the art teacher directly)
  • Contact and recruit volunteers, as needed, for tasks based on preference. 
  • Should be comfortable contacting people by email, phone or text (according to their preferences)
  • Create and manage a committee to help if needed. 
  • Time Commitment: ~2-4 hs/month

Fundraising Coordinator.


  • Advertise and maintain passive fundraising (Stop and Shop, Atkins, AmazonSmile, Baystate Textiles).
  • Coordinate and manage volunteers to setup two major fundraiser events during the school year (usually December and May).
  • Help brainstorm new streams of revenue. 
  • Time Commitment: ~2-4 hs/month; some more during Dec. and May.



  • Take minutes at all PGO meetings – Core (monthly) and School-wide (~4/year)
  • Send minutes out via email for approval.
  • Post minutes on PGO website.
  • Time Commitment: ~2-4 hs/month

*Completing this form does not commit you to anything. You will be contacted by the PGO leadership group and chat about your interests and options. THANK YOU!

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