Wildwood Gives Fundraiser On Pause

Hello Wildwood parents and guardians,
We write to let you know that we are putting the Spring fundraiser that typically in May on pause for this year.  We have enough money in the bank to support our anticipated needs this year, and we are incredibly grateful to all of you for enabling the PGO to be in this position.

Between last year and this year, for those of us who make up the PGO core group, this has been a volunteer experience like no other.  Our job is to support community building, enrichment, and equity for children at Wildwood, and while that happens through supporting teachers and staff as they strive to provide the best education for our students, it also happens through organizing and providing support through face to face events such as new family welcome events, the multi-cultural fair, and 6th grade graduation, as well as providing support for the Wildwood directory and the Wildwood yearbook.  

So much of these ‘typical’ functions of the PGO have been altered due to the pandemic and the inability to do things face to face.  That resulted in experiencing far less demand on our budget last Spring as the quarantine went into effect and we switched to remote learning. Coming in to this year with a surplus, we also had a successful Fall fundraiser thanks to you. These two things in particular set us up very well for the year.

This year has been far from typical. Beyond our usual budget line items, we set up a COVID relief fund to support and sustain extraordinary expenses we couldn’t have anticipated.  We’ve underwritten the incredibly popular mobile library project, help make some awesome art projects happen, provide some wonderful virtual science experiences, and make other instructional supports available for Wildwood teachers and staff.  In fact, this year we’ve spent more than we would have spent at this time during a typical year, but with our generous budget we’re still in a very good financial position. 

Therefore, we are pausing this Spring’s fundraiser.  Instead, let’s focus on doing everything right as a community to get back to full in person instruction as soon as it is healthy to do so!

The Wildwood PGO core group

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