All School PGO Meeting on Technology

This year has brought up so many questions about our students and technology. What is safe? How much screen time is too much? What are the best resources for my students? Please let me know what you would like me to address at our upcoming Technology meeting, where Kathryn Runyan will present some of the ARPS measures that have been in place to keep our kids secure while they are online during this year as well as answer your questions and concerns. This form will help me prepare for your important questions. Meeting time is to be announced!
What do YOU want to know about our Kids and TECH this year?

Thank you,
¡Hola! Por favor, hágame saber lo que le gustaría que abordara donde presentaré algunas de las medidas de ARPS que se han puesto en marcha para mantener a nuestros niños seguros mientras están en línea durante este año, así como responder a sus preguntas y preocupaciones. Este formulario me ayudará a preparar lo más urgente. ¡Se anunciará la hora de la reunión!
¿Qué le gustaría saber sobre la tecnología y nuestros niños este año?

Kathryn Runyan

Instructional Technology Teacher

Office hours for tech support: Monday Friday, 11:30-12:00  

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