BOOK BACKPACKS from WW Library The Week of January 25th!

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You know how this works now!

Pick Up at Wildwood SchoolTUESDAY, January 26th or WEDNESDAY, January 27th between 3:00 and 5:30. Don’t forget your backpack to exchange.

Neighborhood Deliveries: We have 5 dedicated drivers who will contact your family and let you know when to be ready for the backpack exchange. 

SCHOOL BUS DELIVERY to the apartment complexes Tuesday OR Thursday!

If you chose delivery and you live at the following apartment complexes, PLEASE come to the bus on the listed DAY AND TIME to exchange your backpack of books!

Time PlaceTime Place
11:00 AM27 Montague Rd.11:15 AMOlympia Oaks 
11:15 AM75 and 85 Cowls Rd. 11:30 AMVillage Park @ the bus stop
11:30 AMBrandywine Apartments @ the bus stop12:00 PMThe Boulders @ the bus stop
11:45 AMPresidential Apartments @ the lunch drop-off by the laundry 

Don’t forget to put books on hold in the Library catalog! Click here for directions

If you have any questions please email me: Susan Wells

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