Do you work at UMass? Want an easy way to give to the Amherst schools?

An easy way for UMass employees to donate schools is by giving through UMACC to the ARPS PGO.  The Amherst Regional Public Schools PGO (ARPS PGO), is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization consisting of the PGOs for Crocker Farm, Wildwood, the Amherst Middle School, & the Amherst High School. The APRS PGO’s UMACC number is 15250.

UMass employees can signup with their UMass NetID at

Please consider giving to the ARPS PGO. Every donation to the PGOs makes a big difference. The ARPS PGO appreciates all donations and donors, even those who aren’t able to give, or give as much, in tough years such as this one. Thank you. 

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