Teacher’s Wish Lists

Teacher’s Wish Lists is a classic PGO program that we are reviving to help teachers get what they need. The goal is to engage the class families in helping teachers get the resources and materials they need for remote learning. 

Here’s how it should work. Class parents sent a note to your classroom teachers, and they will let you know what your teacher needs (supplies, resources, recycled materials, and much more). For non-classroom teachers, the list will be circulated here through the Blog. From these lists, parents can buy stuff OR (most importantly) realize that they have that lying around their houses and decide to donate it or lend it to the school.

And here are the wish lists so far! If you would like to donate any of these items, contact your class parent, or Kristen DeAngelis, the PGO Class Parent Coordinator (kristenobacter@gmail.com). You can consult the directory or your teacher if you don’t know who your class parent is. And THANK YOU to the Class Parents—every classroom now has a Class Parent!

Teacher Wish Lists:

Ricci Mastroianni, Kindergarten: 17 tea candles, a bag of bird seed, 17 pint-sized mason jars, X-bet Magnetic sheets with adhesive backing, sand

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