PGO Fundraiser Busts Through The Goal

Many thanks to all the parents & guardians who donated during the recent Giving Tuesday/Brown Envelope fundraiser.   Our goal was $5,000 and we busted right through it, raising $6,334.03 as of Thursday, 12.3.20.  If you did not get a chance to donate, you still can! Visit to donate online.
The PGO aims to support teaching and learning, as well as community, at Wildwood Elementary School.  This year has presented many challenges in achieving this mission, and having enough money to do what needs to be done is paramount.  In particular, we will continue our investment in Mrs. Wells mobile library project, and continue to offer mini-grant funding and discretionary funding to all our classroom based, and non-classroom based, teachers this year.    Look for more blog posts on how the PGO spends it money, including some of the great projects we’ve funded for the teachers.
Separately, one tool we use to build community, the Wildwood School Directory, is headed your way soon.  Check your child’s library backpack, going out in the next 10 days or so, for your copy!

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