Photos to nominate Mrs. Wells as librarian of the year

Hello Wildwood parents and guardians,
ICYMI,  the Wildwood PGO is nominating Mrs. Wells for the Scholastic Librarian of the Year award.  Not only has her mobile library project brought joy and books to our students this year, but her authors visits, maker space events and field trips from previous years have as well.  Together, we collected 39 stories about Mrs. Wells from parents and students. 

Now, we need photos!  Do you have any you can share?   We can include them with our nomination if we have them by 5pm Monday. 

Please send them via email to parent Laura Muller,  Include your student’s first and last name, and the year, along with the photo attachment.

Thanks again for all the assistance! We’ll let you know how it is going once the nomination is submitted.

We have always known how special our school librarian, Mrs. Wells, is.  From creating maker spaces and book clubs to organizing school-wide author visits, Ms. Wells has always created such amazing learning experiences for our community.  However, this year, during the pandemic, we and our children were reminded once again just how special Mrs. Wells is.  To borrow from pandemic language, she is a ‘super spreader’ in the very best way — beyond instilling the love of reading and understanding to our children, she’s bringing energy, and hope, and unity to Wildwood Elementary with her mobile library project.  Each month, our children cannot wait for their new infusion of books that have been handpicked for them by Mrs. Wells.     That’s why the Wildwood PGO, under the leadership of parent Laura Muller, is nominating her for the Scholastic Librarian of the Year award.  If she wins, we’ll get a ton of new books for the library, among other things.      But we need your help to ensure that she wins.  As part of the nomination, we aim to submit as many parent and child stories about how much their relationship with Mrs. Wells means, this year, during the pandemic, and beyond.  Please take 5 minutes now to write your story in this Google Form.   Your story can be as short (one sentence) or as long as you would like.  We need stories by Friday December 4 in order to meet the submission deadline.   Let’s reflect all that energy and hope right back at Mrs. Wells!  If she wins, we all do!   If you have questions about this process, please feel free to contact Laura Muller ( , Chris Lindstrom ( or Kerry Crosby (

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