Books or Bust

Preparation for Book Drop Off

This week, Wildwood parents and caregivers through the PGO assisted librarian Susan Wells in getting books out to the kids. If the kids can’t come to the books, then the books can come to them! This is the first of a monthly give and take of books back and forth from the Wildwood library to students. Several volunteers staffed the curbside pickup of books at the school on Thursday and Friday, where over 50 families picked up their library books. Meanwhile Ms. Wells got into her car and drove books to neighborhoods for families who couldn’t get to the school for pick-up. Next month, parents will take over the six drop-off routes. Over 200 families got books this week alone.

For those signed up who didn’t get books this week, there will be another opportunity to pick up books next week. We are still working out this new system of give and take, and it still has flaws. We appreciate your patience.

Do you still need to sign up?


Wildwood Library has circulated over 25,000 books out to students in this past year. Don’t miss out. And guess what? Even if your child can only put a hold on books but didn’t get to actually check out books, or doesn’t check out any books in any given month, Ms. Wells ensures your child gets a great sack of interesting books. Why? Because books will make your kids happy!

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