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The Wildwood Parent Guardian Organization

Wildwood Elementary School is a wonderful community with vibrant parent/guardian involvement. The Wildwood ParentGuardian Organization (PGO) is a group of volunteer parents/guardians whose mission is to build a strong community with academic enrichment opportunities and equity for all children. The PGO strives to support the school’s teachers and staff in providing all children with the best elementary school experience possible. To meet these goals, the PGO provides grant opportunities for teachers and staff, promotes communication between the families and the school and organizes a variety of enriching activities and events for children and adults throughout the school year.

2020-2021 School Year

The PGO welcomes you to the 2020-2021 school year. While the beginning of this year started in remote learning instead of our traditional format, we are even more committed in working and supporting our school community so that our school continues to provide the great Wildwood experience. Soon all families will receive an email from the Wildwood PGO. It will contain information about the events we organize, the calendar of activities and fundraisers, and forms for you to fill out. Please take the time to respond. THANK YOU!

The PGO core group

You are already a member of the PGO simply by being a parent. A group of us volunteer to getour mission accomplished:

  • Eugenia Clerico and Letha Gayle-Brissett, co-chairs
  • Laura Melbin, treasurer
  • Christine Lindstom, fundraising chair
  • William Devore and Ellen Boucher, bloggers
  • Janice Alvarez, secretary
  • Lara Friedman, communication chair
  • Kristen DeAngelis, class parent coordinator
  • Becky Miller, interim volunteer coordinator
  • Molly Christie, social justice committee member
  • Heather Welch, teacher mini-grants coordinator
  • Kerry Crosby, member at large

This year we welcome new volunteer members Letha Gayle-Brissett (co-chair), Lara Friedman(communication chair), Molly Christie (social justice committee chair). Thank you for your support!


We appreciate all the ways people are involved in helping to accomplish the mission of the Wildwood PGO. Whether it is through your donation of time, energy and/or financial support, you truly make a difference in the lives of the students of Wildwood School. Every year there are volunteer opportunities and we are looking for volunteers in the areas below. This is a worthwhile cause for your child and other children, so we look forward to hearing from you. Please email to join us!


Outreach Coordinator- NEEDED

  • attend PGO core monthly meetings.
  • create, distribute, and collect a recruiting flyer at the beginning of the school year
  • maintain a database of volunteers throughout the school year, which includes contacting the librarians and art teacher to get a list of regular volunteers. (NOTE: often people reach out to the librarians or the art teacher directly)
  • contact and recruit volunteers, as needed, for tasks based on preference.
  • should be comfortable contacting people by email, phone or text (according to their preferences)
  • Create and manage a committee to help if needed.

Website Coordinator-NEEDED

  • Update old content
  • Maintain broken links
  • Add new content from semi-regular newsletter / store information on past events and mini grants that we can use to talk up the PGO to new wildwood community members

Blog Content Providers-NEEDED

  • Write blurbs for the blog / newsletter/social media as directed to by the communications chair

Real World Experiences Coordinator-NEEDED:

  • Create a system for connecting teachers to community organizations and parent volunteers to bring real-world experiences that are connected to curriculum.
  • Possibly develop a committee for helping with this work.

*Please note: The current leadership of the Wildwood PGO is bilingual in both Spanish and English; feel free to write to us in any other language.


Do take some time to read our weekly newsletter to keep yourself informed about upcoming events, deadlines, news and more. We welcome any submission of information that is helpful to the Wildwood community. All families who register students for Wildwood prior to August 22 are automatically subscribed. You can sign up to receive the newsletter via email at

The newsletter can also be accessed from the front page of the Wildwood Website or at

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