Racial Identity Exploration Book Club

At the request of an interested parent, the Crocker Farm PGO is hosting a book club whose mission is to explore racial identity as well as to provide a space for BIPOC community voices to discuss their experiences. We would like to invite all Amherst school community members to participate who are interested.

The book club will read 6 titles over 6 sessions, focusing one session on each title. The Wildwood PGO has also committed to purchasing 6 copies of the 6 titles for Wildwood families.

These book clubs will be held via zoom for the coming school year, but we hope this will become an in-person community event post-COVID concerns.

The first book club will be hosted at the end of September.
Sign up for the book club.

Participant should fill out this Doodle poll on setting a date for the first meeting.

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