PGO Leadership – Members Needed!

Volunteer Outreach Coordinator – NEEDED

  • Attend PGO core monthly meetings.
  • Create, distribute, and collect a recruiting flyer at the beginning of the school year.
  • Maintain a database of volunteers throughout the school year, which includes contacting the librarians and art teacher to get a list of regular volunteers. (NOTE: often people reach out to the librarians or the art teacher directly)
  • Contact and recruit volunteers, as needed, for tasks based on preference. 
  • You should be comfortable contacting people by email, phone or text (according to their preferences).
  • Create and manage a committee to help if needed. 

Website Coordinator–NEEDED

  • Update old content.
  • Maintain broken links.
  •  Add new content from semi-regular newsletter / store information on past events and mini grants that we can use to talk up the PGO to new wildwood community members.

Blog Content Providers-NEEDED  

  • Write blurbs for the blog / newsletter/social media as directed to by the communications chair.

Real World Experiences Coordinator–NEEDED:

  • Create a system for connecting teachers to community organizations and parent volunteers to bring real-world experiences that are connected to curriculum. 
  • Possibly develop a committee for helping with this work.
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