Thank you from Art Teacher Ceara Yahn!

Thanks to generous support and funding from the Wildwood PGO, I was able to purchase and deliver a selection of art supplies to Wildwood families in need.  Last week, these supplies were dropped off at 10 Amherst homes to support 14 Wildwood students. Families were referred to me by classroom teachers. Priority went to first serving our students with significant special needs, as an extension of the Modified Art classes the PGO funded through a mini grant in Fall 2019. Grethe Camp helped to select the specific supplies that would best support these students. There are still several remaining supplies which will be given out as more families are referred to me, or will be folded into the classroom supplies when we return to Wildwood. I am beyond grateful to work at a school where families care about other families like this. Thank you, Wildwood PGO, for recognizing the positive impact that an effort like this can have for our students and their families as we navigate this challenging time together.

Ceara Yahn

K-6 Art Teacher

Wildwood Elementary School

Amherst, MA

Twitter @ArtWildwood

Instagram @wildwoodschoolart

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