ARMS volunteer info for 6th grade parents

Hello all,
We hope you are well, safe and sound, in these terrible pandemic times. 
We are writing from the Amherst Regional Middle School (ARMS) PGO to invite your 6th grade families, room parents and active volunteers who will be joining ARMS next year.This below is some information about volunteer activities organized by ARMS PGO we want to share with you. We hope you will consider getting involved, either in the board or in any other way. Some activities we carried on and ongoing:

  •  Welcome picnic and ice cream social
  •  Open house table
  •  Educational grants to teachers, staff and student clubs
  •  Winter Social Party
  •  ARMS Educator Award
  • Movie Night
  •  Zero Waste education/environmental club
  •  Annual Teachers/Staff online Appreciation & gifts
  • Online ARMS gear store 
  • Financial literacy online lessons
  • 8th grade end-of-year activities

If you would like to be added to our interested volunteer list for 2020-21, or have a specific interest, please email us at

Looking forward to your families joining ARMS in the fall! 

Keep up the ARMS spirit!

Thank you!

Laura Rojo MacLeod

ARMS PGO chair & team Lori, Steph, Mila,Bridget, Cheryl,Jock,Matt.

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