WiFi for All Students: Request Help and Donate here!

As we continue through this extremely difficult time, we know that the ability to do online work, chat with teachers and classmates, and watch Nick’s morning messages are lifelines helping our students feel connected. We also know that some members of our community do not have internet access at home, and the district is committed to providing this essential service.

If you are in need of WiFi access for your student and want to have a mobile hot spot, please contact Sasha Figueroa at either figueroas@arps.org or 413-351-7853 and provide your name and a contact number.  The deadline for requesting a hot spot is Monday, April 6 by 4:30 p.m.  

Because of this unexpected, unprecedented and critical need, all the Amherst PGOs are teaming together to organize an emergency fundraising campaign. If you are able to contribute, here’s how you can help (all donations are tax deductible):

*  Sponsor a student by funding a mobile hotspot for at-home distance learning ($110)

* Fund one month of wifi access ($40)

*  Make a monthly, recurring donation to provide ongoing wifi access ($40/month)

*  Make a general donation 

Please see the go fund me page for more details: https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/arps-pgo

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