PGO Mini-Grant Recipient Spotlight: Librarian Mrs. Wells

To raise awareness about how funds donated to the PGO directly support our school, we will be featuring mini-grant spotlights over the coming weeks!

Wildwood Elementary PGO

One of the ways that PGO fundraisers support the Wildwood community is through the mini-grant offerings, where teachers propose an event, activity, or in this instance visiting authors such as Lisa Bunker (New Hampshire state Senator), Megan Dowd Lambert (coming soon on March 10th), and story tellers like Valerie Tutson and Eshu Bumpas.

Mrs. Wells explains that her vision is to be able to reach every grade, whereby a student may see themselves in the book’s content and author, their experience with each storyteller and the telling of their story.  Mrs. Wells hopes that as a result of these events a student may find her or his own voice.

Mrs. Wells pointed out that the PGO has never declined a proposal that she has submitted. Thank you for your support of the PGO, which goes directly towards mini-grant recipients like Mrs. Wells!

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