It’s Not Too Late! Donate Today to the Wildwood PGO’s Giving Tuesday/Brown Envelope Fundraiser

Dear Wildwood parents and guardians,
It’s not too late to donate to the Wildwood PGO’s Giving Tuesday/Brown Envelope fundraiser!   Neither rain nor wind nor early-in-the-season snow days can keep us from hitting our fundraising goals as we strive to serve our children and build our community at Wildwood.   From supporting the Multicultural Fair and Math Night, to sending the younger grades to the Hitchcock Center for the Environment when other funding falls through,  to supporting visiting authors and artists who inspire our children to dream and create,  to offering mini-grants to our teachers for supporting their project based learning plans,  the PGO budget affects so much and so many.  Thank you to all of you who make the work the PGO does possible with your donations of time and money.
For those of you who contributed already, thank you!  For those who forgot to amidst the bustle of snow days and holidays, we need you.   If you donate $5, it’s a field trip for a child.  If you donate $200, it’s a mini-grant for a teacher.     Please consider digging deep to help us keep all the great educational and community building opportunities we’ve come to appreciate about Wildwood thriving.
Kerry Crosby and Eugenia Clerico
Wildwood PGO co-chairs
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