Kindergarten teachers enjoy the Woot Woot Wagon’s treats.

The “Woot Woot Wagon” rolled into Wildwood today to bring sugar, caffeine and joy to our treasured teachers and staff!

On this final day of Teacher Appreciation Week, the PGO seized the opportunity to acknowledge and recognize the incredible dedication all Wildwood staff demonstrate every day.

The Woot Woot Wagon had an abundance of treats and goodies to share. There was a huge selection of delicious pastries, generously donated by Henion Bakery in Amherst, accompanied by hot coffee to give that afternoon boost.

Wildwood parents Daina, Lisa and Sheilah with the Woot Woot Wagon.

Also on board the wagon were elusive classroom supplies like Clorox wipes, tissues, Sharpies, dry erase markers, glue sticks, Post It notes, hand sanitizer, and gift cards to Dunkin Donuts and Amazon. It was so lovely to see smiles on the faces of staff as they realized this ado was for them, as a gesture to thank them for all they do for our children.

The “Woot Woot” Wagon Train

The kids we passed in the hallways were so tempted to sneak a treat but respected that this was for their teachers and staff, in recognition of the hard work they do all year.

The Wildwood Parent and Guardian community wish to thank all Wildwood teachers, staff, custodians and administrators for the love and care they show our kids. Woot Woot!

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