School Garden Harvest Update: Get your Harvest Soup on November 1st!

Hi, all!

The school garden harvests are complete! This week, students harvested 206 pounds of produce that we donated to ARPS Food Services this afternoon. Crops included potatoes, winter squash, turnips, beets, carrots, radish, Swiss chard, scallions, chives, and sage. The produce will be featured in a soup next Thursday, Nov. 1st on the school lunch menu. (No small feat! Thank you, Sasha, for helping this happen!)

None of this would be possible without garden educator Leila’s awesome and tireless garden work. We also benefitted greatly from the help of our fantastic UMass Stockbridge interns, Merav and Jordan, who co-led some of our harvest experiences.

And, all ten new garden beds are in place now, too. Sarah Berquist and her Ag Leadership students (UMass Stockbridge) were essential collaborators in getting those built in a timely manner (Sarah’s cool time lapse from the WW build is attached at the end of this message). Many hands make light work!

Thank you all for your support and enthusiasm as we continue to build this program, connect kids with the Earth, and establish new partnerships in our community.

Jennifer Reese, Elementary Science and School Garden Coordinator

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