Join Multi-Arts on a time traveling theatrical adventure!

This latest installment of Time Traveling Stories takes us on a journey to the 1840’s! When young Justine is sent back in time, she meets Angeline Palmer, a brave African American girl who was saved from slavery with the help of the town. Learn the true story of Angeline and discover the roots of what makes Amherst such a unique place: our avant-garde spirit, celebration of differences, and ability to come together as a community to stand up for human rights.

The new play is written by Maia Kinney-Petrucha, an Amherst High School and Hampshire College Alum, and features fellow Amherst High alum Haley Parker, and Wildwood Elementary students Violent and Lena Ennis.

Come hear a staged reading of the script at Barnes and Noble in Hadley on March 24th at 2 pm!


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