Zero Energy Buildings and Communities: The Landscape of the Future

Presented by: Darren Port, Buildings and Community Solutions Manager at Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP)  

Free and open to the public.

Tuesday,  February 20th, 7-8:30 Unitarian Universalist Society of Amherst, 121 N. Pleasant St., Amherst

Amherst Mothers Out Front and Climate Action Now are offering the second in a series of public presentations to educate Amherst residents on the feasibility of Zero Energy Municipal Buildings by-law that was passed by Town Meeting last November.

Darren Port, a national expert on municipal and state building policy will present Zero Energy Buildings and Communities: The Landscape of the Future. As the Buildings and Community Solutions Manager at Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP), Port is paving the way for the proliferation of zero energy buildings throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region. He brings a broad perspective to the critical role of towns and cities in reducing carbon emissions through building energy performance standards and clean energy development. His presentation will draw connections between Zero Energy buildings, local energy resources, resilience and community-wide energy demand management.

Prior to joining NEEP, Port was the Green Building Administrator and Green Code Specialist for the State of New Jersey. Nationally, he serves as an appointed member on building policy making committees.

The public presentation series is a follow up to passing the Zero Energy Municipal Building Bylaw and the 100% Renewable Energy resolution in Amherst, MA, Mothers Out Front Amherst and Climate Action Now are organizing several public presentations. The focus is on the feasibility of building for Zero Energy.

The first event in the series was on January 31st and drew 70 attendees to hear Ellen Watts, president and co-founder of Architerra in Boston MA. She spoke about Zero Energy Design & Performance: Practical Approaches.

Sponsored by Amherst Mothers Out Front and Climate Action Now. Co-sponsored by the Town office of Sustaining Amherst, Amherst League of Women Voters, and Western Mass Community Choice Energy.

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