Decision and Results “No Homework During Break”

“At the elementary level, the responses of family and staff were overwhelmingly positive about the impact of not having homework over the winter break. Additionally, 81% of family responses and 86% of staff responses indicated support for eliminating homework over the February and April breaks. Given this feedback and the current research base on homework at the elementary grade levels, our elementary schools will not be assigning homework over these breaks. However, independent reading is encouraged for all students.”

Dear ARPS Community Members:

I am pleased to share the results of the recent family and staff surveys regarding the impact of having no homework over winter break, along with information about homework over the upcoming February and April breaks.  The information is available here.

Michael Morris, Interim Superintendent

Estimados Miembros de la Comunidad de ARPS:

Me complace compartir los resultados de las recientes encuestas de la familia y el personal sobre el impacto de no tener tarea durante las vacaciones de invierno, junto con información sobre las tareas de los próximos meses de febrero y abril. La información está disponible aquí.

Michael Morris, Superintendente Interino

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