Slides from PGO Meeting 1/18/17

Slides from the from PGO Meeting 1/18/17

What does PGO money fund?

  • Nick’s Fund” – $4,000 earmarked for use at Nick’s discretion, to support teachers and kids. $1,744 spent so far.
  • Staff Stipends – $50 to each teacher in October.
  • Staff Mini-Grants – $250 to para-educator to coach for 5th & 6th Grade chorus concert. $750 remaining for other applicants.
  • Visiting Artists – $700 allocated for author to work with K-2
  • Art Supplies – $500 to art teacher for clay and other supplies
  • Community Building Events – $492 on food/drinks for New Family Welcome, staff breakfast, kindergarten coffee & PGO meetings
  • Staff Appreciation – $194 spent so far
  • Movie Night – Cost $118
  • Community Needs – $100 for families in need on Thanksgiving
  • Childcare at Meetings – $76 so far

PGO Budget—Latest news 

  • Giving Tuesday/Brown Envelope Fundraiser was hugely successful!  Brown Envelope raised $2,989, online giving was $1,377.  More than twice our goal.  Thank You to all our generous donors!
    • School Photos raised $1,847
  • Core team met with Principal Nick & Joyce Gooden to discuss Budget:
    • Reduced projected shortfall to an acceptable $5665
    • PGO has agreed to grant Susan Wells $700 for a Visiting Author to work with K-2.  Grades 3-6 had Molly Burnham come last week, paid for by a grant secured by Susan.
    • $750 still available for teacher Mini-Grants.  PGO will invite applications shortly.
    • 6th grade team to consider fundraising for CT Science Center field trip. Trip cost will be on sign-up form so parents can give >$15, if desired. PGO will cover the balance.
    • All field trip contributions will go to Joyce and not the PGO per District guidelines.
    • Joyce secured funds for Black History Month events so will not need PGO money.
    • PGO will make a significant contribution to the “Wildwood Principal’s Gift Fund” in lieu of earmarking a portion of the PGO money for Nick’s use. 

Upcoming Events and Volunteer Opportunities

  • New Family Welcome Packet – Printing/compiling folders
  • Black History Month (Feb) – help with organization
  • Math Night (3/23) – assist Elizabeth Pretel with organization
  • Literacy Night (TBA) – work with literacy specialists to organize
  • Valley Gives Day/Brown Envelope (5/3) – advance publicity for “Valley Gives” Brown Envelope/Online giving event in the spring
  • Multicultural Fair (5/18) – Co-organizer and many helpers

Class  Parents Network

  • Building Community within the Classroom/Grade
  • Creating a Volunteer Network
  • Break into two groups and Brainstorm
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