Four Town Meeting including Amherst Select Board, Finance Committee & School Committee

The annual Four Town Meeting will be held this Saturday.

Date: January 7, 2017

Time: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Location: Amherst Regional Middle School Library

Address: 170 Chestnut Street, Amherst, MA 01002



a. Welcome and Introductions – 10 min;

b. Legislative Report and Discussion – 20 min;

c. FY18 Budget Projection – 15 min;

d. FY18 Assessment Projection -15 min;

e. Capital Plan Review – 10 min;

f. Working Group Reports – 10 min;

g. Guidance from Member Towns – 20 min;

h. Calendars – 5 min;

i. Other Post Employment Benefits Report – Daniel Sherman;

j. Topics the Chair did not reasonably anticipate 48 hrs before the meeting; and

k. Adjournment.

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