Florence Bank Community Choice Grants

Each year Florence Bank gives out $100,000 to community organization through its Customer’s Choice Community Grants Program. Florence Bank account holders select the recipients by voting for their top choices (one vote per account). Each organization that gets at least 50 votes qualifies for some $.

The PGOs of the ARPS PGO (Wildwood, Crocker Farm, the Amherst Middle School, & the Amherst High School) are campaigning together this year in the hopes of getting the minimum 50 votes needed.

If you have a Florence Bank account, please consider voting for the “Amherst Regional Public Schools PGO,” the name of our joint 501(c)3 organization. The ARPS PGO is not listed on the drop down menu on the bank’s website but it is among the organizations that can receive money. Please type in the full name.

You can vote in the following ways:

1. Online: Visit Florencebank.com/Vote to view the online voting site cast a vote online.

2. Facebook: Visit Facebook.com/FlorenceBank, click on the Customers’ Choice Community Grants tab to learn more about the program and cast your vote.

3, Paper ballots. Paper ballots are available at each Florence Savings Bank branch.

Voting is open through Dec 31, 2016, but why wait. Please vote today.

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