4th Grader in Need of Community Support


Bill Chu, a Wildwood fourth grader, is in end stage renal failure and is in need of a kidney transplant. His kidney functions at about 10 percent, and his family is in need transplant-related assistance.

The family has requested help with transportation. The family travels to Boston Children’s Hospital three times a week for dialysis. The average visit for dialysis is 2-3 hours so it is a full day in Boston. If you can help, please contact Tu Chu via email tchu47@hotmail.com or phone at 413-549-1332.

Principal Nick previously expressed, “I have personally known this family for more than twenty-five years and have taught two of the older children. The parents’ own story is extraordinary. They could use the support of our community.”
Learn more about Bill and/or make a donation:
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