Amherst Charter Commission Listening Workshop: Oct 19

Amherst Community Connections invited the Amherst Charter Commission to hold one of our Listening Workshops at its weekly meeting. We are excited to announce that this Workshop will occur this coming Wednesday. All are invited to attend.

When: 10AM Wednesday, October 19
Where: Amherst Community Connections
(Unitarian Meetinghouse Ground Floor)
121 North Pleasant Street

The Charter Commission is a nine-member elected task force dedicated to evaluating Amherst’s current government and proposing potential changes. The Commission will spend over a year drafting a Town Charter, which Amherst residents will have the opportunity to vote on.

Listening Workshops are public events open to everyone in Amherst! The Charter Commission seeks community input about our town in the form of suggestions, complaints, questions, and discussion.

Amherst Community Connections is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing services for vulnerable individuals and families in the Pioneer Valley. Amherst Community Connections has invited the Charter Commission to conduct a listening workshop during its Wednesday meeting.

For more information: 
Charter Commission’s website and Charter Commission’s Facebook page.

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