library staffing cut update – Some good news

Dear Wildwood Families;
Thank you for all your actions over the past month to help retain the library paraprofessionals in the FY 2017 budget.  Your many letters of support and physical presence at the school committee meeting made me feel incredibly supported by the families of the Wildwood community.  Your voices were clearly heard.  Although it has not been made public on the ARPS website I feel comfortable, after communicating with both Nick Yaffe and Maria Geryk, to report that the library paraprofessional position has been restored to 60% time for next year. Although only having Jennifer in the library 3 days a week will limit some of things I am currently during with students, I am committed to continuing to teach all grade levels (i.e. 5th and 6th).

I am deeply indebted to this community for your support and grateful for your willingness to raise your voice in support of our school’s library program. Thank you.  The school committee meets again on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016.  I believe they will vote on the revised budget cuts.  For more information (I hope the central office will publish updated budget documents here):
Susan Wells
Librarian, Wildwood Elementary
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