Jump Rope for Heart Benefit

From Vincent Barnes, Wildwood’s PE teacher:

I just wanted to alert everyone that we will be doing Jump Rope For Heart this year, courtesy of the American Heart Association. The premise of the event is to teach the kids about the importance of a healthy heart through jump roping and other cardiovascular-focused activities. Accompanied with this event is a fundraising component that raises funds for the research towards children’s heart disease; only grades 4 through 6 will participate in the fundraiser.

This week, I will be distributing fundraising envelopes to students along with consent forms for students to participate in the JRFH activities. Students are not mandated to participate in the fundraiser, but they are highly encouraged to do so. The time frame for the fundraiser is March 7th through April 1st, and all envelopes are expected to be returned by April 8th. Donations can also be made online at http://www.heart.org/jump. When it begins to get warmer outside, we will be having an end-of-fundraiser celebration. I will inform everyone with more details as they begin to formulate. Please let me know if there are any questions, comments, or concerns about JRFH in general.

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