Toy Box Shopping Benefits Wildwood (11/4)

Hello Wildwood PGO!

The TOY BOX is excited to announce a new program to help fundraise for your PGO! Each Wednesday night from September through November, The TOY BOX will extend our shopping hours from 6-8 PM to support each of the elementary schools in the region to enable the parents, staff, and friends of families in each school to laugh and play and learn about new toys and games. 15% of the gross sales for those 2 hours will be given to the school’s Parent Organization in the form of a check!

We encourage you to spread the word through school newsletters and PGO announcements, reminding families that each dollar spent in a locally owned business is a vote of confidence that the business should stay open another day. Additionally, 45% of locally spent dollars stays within the community, versus the 14% in a chain store, even a local one. That percentage shrinks yet again when you consider online shopping. The Toy Box’s Elementary School PGO Program is designed to connect our business with your school community so we can support one another!

On Wednesday, November 4th, members of the Wildwood Elementary community are invited to join The TOY BOX team to play a little, learn a little, laugh a lot, and go totally bananas at your PGO’s FUN-draiser! There will be snacks, music, and our super-knowledgable team members there to assist as always. We want to make these events fun for all – because if the community is happy, the toy store is happy.

This program is not sponsored by the school.

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