PGO planning meeting, Sept. 23

I invite anyone interested in the PGO to come to a planning meeting at my house on Wednesday, Sept 23rd at 6:30pm. My address is 32 Oakwood Circle, Amherst. My two children (8 and 5) will be here and at least 1 or 2 other kids. I am planning on playing a movie for them with some popcorn while we meet in an adjacent room. If any of you need to bring your kids in order to make the meeting, they are welcome to come too.

The PGO has lots of goals – if you can help in any way, we’d be glad if you can come and see how to plug-in.

Please RSVP to to let us know if you can come to either or both of these events


Heather Welch, co-chair, Wildwood PGO

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