Summer Resources, Events & Notes

Use your SNAP/EBT card at the Amherst Farmer’s Market. Every Saturday in Amherst Center from 8:00am-1:30pm until 11/21/15. To use your EBT card: (1) Go to the market booth in front of the Lord Jeffery Inn on Boltwood Avenue; (2) Give the person your SNAP/EBT card. They will give you tokens. These tokens act as “cash” at the market; (3) Use your tokens at any vendor booth.

One or two more spaces in an early August art class in Ms. Julie’s studio. Please contact Julie at 549-1029 or if you would like to know more.

Messages play an important role in how children learn… Now more than ever, people are aware of the importance of teaching children to respect people of various sizes, abilities, ethnicities and ages. When children respect themselves and others, they feel good about who they are. When children learn to value people who are different from themselves, they are better prepared to live peacefully in a diverse world.” PBS Parents

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