*NEW OFFICERS* for PGO Leadership Team

First, a major thank you to the outgoing and OUTSTANDING team of current PGO leadership and volunteers. Many, many thanks for your hard work and dedication this year, and all years previous!

A BIG welcome to our 2015-16 PGO Leadership Team! They are…

  • Co-Chairs: Heather Welch and Len Lucien
  • Secretary: Susan Wells
  • Treasurer: Madeleine Charney
  • PGO-SGC Liaison: Kerry Crosby
  • PGO-Teacher Liaison: Victoria Munroe
  • Communications Team: Laura Quilter, Shay Charvis, Victor Nuñez Ortiz, Yasmin Eisenhauer

More info about the this week’s PGO Meeting (including details about Wildwood Building Project) can be found within: Minutes-PGO-05-26-15

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