Wildwood Snack Policy Refresher

From the 17 teachers and staff who responded to our PGO Snack Survey, we found out that 30% of kids (or 85 kids out of 295) regularly do not bring snack to school.

Wildwood Snack Policy Refresher

1) All Grades K-5 kids should bring their own snacks from home for snack time (Grade 6 kids do not have snack time; they have the option to eat their snack (or not) during Math time).

2) Class Parents should organize donations of class snacks (boxes of pretzels, crackers, etc) from the parents in the class to provide snacks for those cannot bring snack or those who forget. If you do not hear from your Class Parent, just ask your child’s teacher what they want (or just donate some snacks to the classroom).

3) Front office has individual packs of snacks for kids who do not have their snack. We do not want teachers to be asking for 20 packs of snack a day to feed the entire class, as this is not sustainable, and nor is this the purpose of the Front Office Back Up Snacks. Front office has already spent $720 on snack orders this year, and this should be used only as a BACK UP for kids who really need the snacks.

4) The PGO is asking parents to donate boxes of snacks to Front Office that teachers can grab if they have run out of class snack. Again, this is a BACK UP snack supply.

So – have your kids bring their own snacks, and please donate boxes of snacks for Class Snack to your child’s classroom and/or to the front office for the “Front Office Back-Up Snacks.”

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