@AmherstCinema: PONYO, 5/2

PonyoSaturday, May 2 @ 10:00 AM

Welcome to a world where anything is possible! Hayao Miyazaki brings to life a heartwarming and imaginative telling of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy tale The Little Mermaid.

A young boy named Sosuke rescues a goldfish named Ponyo, and they embark on a fantastic journey of friendship and discovery before Ponyo’s father, a powerful sorcerer, forces her to return to her home in the sea. In her quest to become human and reunite with Sosuke, Ponyo stumbles upon and releases her father’s magical Water of Life and triggers a gigantic storm. Now balance must be restored to the world they all cherish.

Director Hayao Miyazaki. 101 minutes. Rated G, from 2009. Dubbed in English.

(Parents, different films will be appropriate for different ages. We recommend commonsensemedia.org as a helpful resource in determing what’s right for your child.)

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