@Jones: White People Taking Action Against Racism, 4/23

Thursday, April 23rd, 7PM, The Jones Library

Many have attended the film/video, speaker, and conversation events sponsored by Coming Together over the last 7 months and have wanted to know how to do more to dismantle racism. This session will help answer that question locally.

This interactive session will be led by facilitators from “Showing Up for Racial Justice,” a highly-regarded national organization. SURJ will help participants focus on how white people in the Amherst area can take collective and strategic action to advance racial justice.

All across the nation, groups are organizing for racial justice and taking action. We can do this in the Amherst area too. (This doesn’t mean that we would necessarily become a “SURJ group”, only that they will help us create a local action group of our own.)

While the focus of this event will be on white people taking action, the event is open to everyone.

About SURJ
This training is part of a broader strategy of SURJ to significantly expand the base of white people who can work in powerful and respectful partnerships with people of color to build a broad-based multi-racial progressive movement for racial, social, environmental and economic justice.

For more info, visit: http://www.coming-together.org/

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