The Gold Rush film artSat, 4/18 10:00 am THE GOLD RUSH Director Charles Chaplin. 72 minutes. Not rated, from 1925

Prospecting in the wintry turn-of-the-century Klondike, Chaplin holes up with mountainous pal Mack Swain in an isolated cabin, where desperate hunger makes even an old shoe a sumptuous repast (“Anyone who saw Chaplin eating a boiled shoe like a brook trout has seen perfection.” – James Agee); then Charlie starts looking — and acting — like a munchable chicken to the ravenously delirious Swain… but why is their perched-on-a-mountainside cabin suddenly tilting from side to side during a blizzard? But perhaps Charlie’s most frightening test is approaching dance hall girl Georgia Hale. Will she attend his New Year’s Eve shindig?

This is Charlie Chaplin’s greatest hit and arguably his masterpiece, with more great Chaplin moments than any other, including one of the greatest dance sequences in film history — done with dinner rolls. Long available theatrically only in Chaplin’s 1942 reissue version, this is his complete 1925 silent original with a newly-recorded orchestral score of Chaplin’s own music arranged and conducted by Timothy Brock.

Charlotte's Web film art

Sat, 4/25 10:00am CHARLOTTE’S WEB Directors Charles Nichols and Iwao Takamoto. 94 minutes. Rated G, from 1973.

E.B. White’s beloved children’s tale is brought to life in this 1973 animated film, which finds the young farm pig Wilbur (Henry Gibson) attempting to avoid a dire fate.

Of all the barnyard creatures, Wilbur’s staunchest ally is Charlotte (Debbie Reynolds), a thoughtful spider who devises an intriguing plan to keep the gentle little swine out of the slaughterhouse.

Although Charlotte’s efforts, which involve words written in her delicate web, seem far-fetched, they may just work.

Directors Charles Nichols and Iwao Takamoto. 94 minutes. Rated G, from 1973.

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