Aspirations feat. Principal Nick [VIDEO]

Inspired by the “If Only For A Second” campaign, this film documents seven volunteers and seven youth artists as they discuss and attempt to represent those aspects of character worth aspiring to.

With each new generation we see the promise of our future and the continuation of our collective legacy. The lives we lead in adulthood bud from the aspirations of our childhood and despite the nuance that accumulates over time, deep down they remain the same. Furthermore, across generations we find consensus about attributes of character worth aspiring to, despite the many different ways those attributes are particularized. Courage, for example, exists in a variety of iterations from small acts of benevolence like struggling to provide for the ones you love most, to grand gestures like fighting for the rights of whole nations.

To understand how far we’ve come and how much farther we’ve yet to go, we must confront those most basic assumptions that have shaped our lives and which will continue to shape the lives of countless future generations. In an attempt to do just that, we invited 7 adults to share their deepest aspirations with 7 youth who, in turn, interpreted and painted the adults faces with their interpretation.

This film by Jose Rodriguez captured an opportunity for adults to share an experience with our youth that may significantly impact how they think about their futures and the kinds of people they’d like to become.

Originally published Feb. 27, 2015 in Learning Together in ARPS blog, by Michael Morris

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